Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TAYLOR SWIFT lashes out at critics who slammed her off-key Grammy duet with STEVIE NICKS

Swift Takes Aim At Grammy Critics In New Song
TAYLOR SWIFT has lashed out at the 'mean' critics who slammed her off-key Grammy night duet with STEVIE NICKS in a candid new song from her upcoming album "SPEAK NOW".

The 20-year-old star was panned for her lackluster vocals at the awards show last January (10), which Swift's team blamed on technical issues.

And now the singer is speaking out about the controversy in a track called "Mean" from her new record."

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Dave said...

Good Lord, her lyrics are so trite! An 8 year old could write a better song. Ooops...sorry Taylor. I guess that was a little...MEAN!

Anonymous said...

I am really starting to dislike this girl. The Kanye song was bad enough - she's perpetuating this poor little victim routine over an incident of extraordinary rudeness NOT ACTUAL HARM. She's still milking it for sympathy points. Now, she tries to dismiss fair criticism of her generally poor live singing as simple 'MEAN'ness. She also has a habit of exploiting famous boyfriends by writing songs about them breaking her heart. She names names. She does it again on her new CD with a song named after another famous guy she dated.
She needs to think about why all of her songs sound exactly the same and recycle and incredibly limited vocabulary about princesses and horses.

Anonymous said...

Say what she will..... Taylor Swift still cannot sing .
Stevie Nicks is class personified and this is clearly a little girl playing dress-up with her better's platform boots.. and coming off "smaller" with every trite song lyric she puts out there..
I swear it all sounds like the same song with variations of the same lyrics. POP!!!
Was that Bubble gum popping or someone not tone deaf expressing an opinion.. Sometimes the truth is painful not just MEAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are websites devoted to the fact that Taylor Swift sings off key at her own concerts. She was horrible singing with Stevie Nicks and now we also know Taylor can't write lyrics worth a damn either. The Grammy Awards should give Stevie a solo slot next year to make up for Taylor ruining a classic song like "Rhiannon", and forcing an artist of Stevie's stature to stand on stage and have this untalented child destroy a legendary rock standard !

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift is a young kid with some talent who loves Stevie Nicks. She tried her hand at Rhiannon at the awards and it came off weak. I can live with it.

I have a point. And it's a good one. said...

Guys you need to calm down! Now I know I am a big fan of Taylor BUT I am going to be fair here. MAYBE her performance was a little off key I agree BUT you can't say PEOPLE say that she sounds off key at her own concerts if you haven't even been to one( I have and she sounds amazing). And I think that all of you are just Taylor Swift haters. Her lyrics are amazing, she has sold over 20 MILLION and did you get that? Not THOUSAND not HUNDRED but MILLIONS of albums. Now I would like to see an off key, crap songwriter do that. You probably don't understand how hard she works to complete her goals. She didn't LASH out she wrote a song about it. It's not like she said ' I hate you' and explained the whole situation. People get over things differently and her way is to write songs. As she says her albums are like diaries. This is my view it is fair and honest you should just drop it! It was a mistake and people make mistakes, you can't expect them to be perfect. And just to let you know. The CEO of her record label Scott (Don't know how to spell his last name) Said that her ear piece wasn't working properly that night and if you understood it is VERY hard to sing when you can't her your own voice.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift deserved to write that song about the mean comments. Haters: shut up!!

Anonymous said...

OK, let's have Taylor sing a duet or even solo the same songs she had "technical' troubles with and see how that goes! She can practice all she wants. That will silence all who are not right.

Jeremiah Sellers-Bishop said...

Lets just face the facts: TS sang way off key and for someone with her so called talent there's just no excuse for this. This was the Grammys people, and she was an embarrassment to the classic and gifted singer and songwriter with whom she performed. There was no improvising here, she had all the time in the world to rehearse, and if she couldnt get it right should have insisted on performing an alternate tune, one that would do everyone justice. She doesnt deserve anyones pity here!

Just Hit Me Up Now said...

I'm the number #1 fans of Taylor Swift! And FYI Swifties, she's still also the number #1 of the most favorites female singer in this entire World!

And by the way, this is the current Top List of The World's Most Viewed Music Female Videos of All Time (according to YouTube):

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