Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stars Pick Favorite Albums of 2013 - And Stevie Nicks Likes...

Music stars lined up to tell Billboard what they liked music wise in 2013. Stevie Nicks likes John Mayer's "Paradise Valley" (because she comes from Paradise Valley in Phoenix) and she likes Lady Gaga's "Applause". Check out the video below.


  1. Seriously? Lady GAGA? Is Stevie trying to seem hip by naming the trendiest, crappiest attention whore in pop music. Or does Stevie truly enjoy Lady Gag Gag music? Shudder. This is dissapointing

  2. Woo! Gaga! John Mayer sucks tho.

  3. Ugh "Applause" is really a terrible album

  4. I don't think "Applause" is 'terrible' and I don't think Gaga is trendy, crappy, or an attention whore...well, not anymore. Gaga told Howard Stern that she and Stevie have been friends since the 2010 Grammys, so I hardly think Stevie is just saying that to say it. Gaga's new song, "Gypsy," is one of the coolest songs of the year.

    Stevie probably doesn't listen to a ton of super new music - especially being on the road with FM as much as she was this year. But I think ARTPOP is a cool album, though Gaga will probably never match the success she endured with Born This Way and The Fame Monster.

  5. ^^ ^^ I respect that Gaga took a chance with ARTPOP. She could have simply duplicated Born This Way and produced another album that yielded a slew of hit singles, but she decided to try something different. It may not be as commercial but it is definitely a cool album.

  6. i agree with jared. gaga's 'artpop' is like stevie's 'rock a little' - they both had two really big hit albums in a row then decided to go in a different direction, much to the applause and chagrin of many fans.
    we live in a society that is so willing to bash someone thru a computer screen. it's sad.

  7. rod stewarts time and david bowies the next day have been the best releases by a mile this year. music as it should be well written and great vocals great storytelling.

  8. John Mayer is NOT from Paradise Valley, AZ. The album title refers to a valley by the Yellowstone River in southwestern Montana. I think he was born and raised in CT but he lives in Montana, in an area called Paradise Valley.

  9. Ouch!!
    Her BFF Katy must be pissed--ROAR!!
    Fleetwood Mac's Extended Play? Yeah, I thought not.
    The Starbucks tribute album? Noooooo? Really?

  10. ^LMFAO at this poster. TRUE DAT!
    I'm so sick of Miz. Nicks mentioning all these mainstream pop stars and their crappy music.
    And Rock A Little is a ROCK album that stands up. Even now.

    Art Pop is nothing but Art $hit.
    "Fashion!" yayyyy.
    "Sexxx Dream" oh daddy...
    "Donatella" dress you up in silk. wah.
    "Dope" wahhhwahhhh
    "Gypsy" Da Fuk gaga?!?!?!
    "Jewels N'Drugs" Even Tusk era Stevie would even hate this stupid trak

    As much as I hate to say it (BARF/TWERK) Miley's album is better by 4 or 5 songs.

  11. Gaga adds too much to her songs and it makes them distorted and clumsy sounding. "Gypsy" is a fun song though, especially when she played it at iTunes fest with just the piano.

    But Ms. Nicks didn't say she loved ARTPOP, she just said she loved the single, "Applause."

  12. Oh of course, now lets pick apart Stevie for stating some music she likes! How dare she like mainstream pop music or something you don't like!

  13. ^Stevie--and--EVERYONE (yes!) else are entitled to their opinions on music. Celebrate our freedom!

  14. Freedom to have a sense of humor too.
    Stevie has a wicked sense of humor and I'm sure isn't afraid to poke fun at herself.

  15. Diva loves the Applause...applause, applause. She lives the applause plause. Stevie needs the applause plause.
    Writes itself.
    Cut. One take.
    Someone call Will I Am for da remix