Monday, February 16, 2009

Campaign To Bring Back "The Chain" to F1

Join Top Gear’s Fleetwood Mac/Formula 1 Campaign to bring "The Chain" back as the official opening Theme.

by: Jamie Hibbard

Dear The BBC,

We - the undersigned - are writing an open letter to you, urging you to once again use that part from Fleetwood Mac's The Chain as the title music to your Formula One coverage that begins this year on BBC One.

Admittedly, I was only 2 years old when you started using it in 1978, and many new viewers to F1 will have no emotional tie to it being the theme tune, but that doesn't make it any less relevant.

Using that as an excuse would be like saying that the impact of Led Zeppelin on rock 'n' roll can't be felt or appreciated by a younger audience. Heritage can be learned as well as lived through.

The Chain is inextricably linked in viewers minds as being an important part of how great it was when the BBC had F1 up until the end of 1996, and the thought of those opening bars kicking in on that first show will be like seeing a reformation gig played by a favourite band and realising that they've still got it (again, Led Zeppelin make for an easy and appropriate reference at this point, when they came back for their O2 Arena show in 2007).

The Fleetwood Mac album Rumours from which the track came was created by a band in utter turmoil at the time, but this would be nowhere close to the kind of bitterness we will feel if The Chain wasn't to become the opening title music of your new F1 show.

So please The BBC, we implore you, use The Chain. You know it makes sense.

All the best,

Jamie Hibbard
(And everyone else at Top Gear, and the undersigned.)

Go on, it's the comments below that count, so add your voice to the list and fight the good fight!

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