Saturday, March 14, 2009


Some interesting and really huge information surfaced last night out of the Nassau Coliseum show in Uniondale, NY. This is unconfirmed officially of course, but reports from the "I Love All Access" group of people that paid for the "Meet and Greet" with Mick Fleetwood said that Mick told them that once Fleetwood Mac takes a 12 day break (presumably after the last North American date May 31st in San Diego) the band will be heading to Europe and Australia!! There was no indication given as to which would see The Mac first - but I think this is really exciting....and definitely something for the Australians and Europeans to look out for. 

The shows have been well attended so far in the US with near sell-outs in large arenas across the midwest and east coast - and it seems the idea of going out on the road without backing up new material is paying off for the band.  Make no mistake, the sound and chemistry between Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John is still alive and well...


  1. Well Ticketmaster UK says nothing yet. But Ticketmaster Australia says you can leave your email address for upcoming Fleetwood Mac show announcements.

  2. FM back to Europe ! Well, that's good news on a rainy saturday!

    Hopefully it will be a full European tour instead of a 3 country handful of shows they did back in 2004...

    Rotterdam will be fine !

  3. O Please let them come to the netherlands!!..