Sunday, March 01, 2009

Opening Night Fleetwood Mac - Unleashed

TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT that Fleetwood Mac begin the first of 44 US dates in Pittsburgh at Mellon Arena - show time 8:00pm.

The Set list has been wildly speculated upon and largely kept a secret by the band. In various interviews with Mick, Lindsey and Stevie - some of the obvious "Hits" (and set list staples) have been confirmed ie "Go Your Own Way" & "Dreams". Mick believes the fans will be very happy with the 2 1/2 hour set they've put together including paying a little bit more attention to what Christine McVie contributed to the band and its catalogue of hits. 

Everyone loves Christine Mcvie and miss her music and her presents within Fleetwood Mac as a band member and as a touring band member, but Christine's touring days are over... and so the band must play on.

This will be the first time Fleetwood Mac has toured without backing up a new release of new material. It will be interesting to see what they fill the set list with now that 3 or 4 tunes (new material) aren't there.   We know Lindsey and Stevie will each be bringing to the set one song each from their solo career - and if they had asked the fans what they should include, you'd hear titles such as "Sisters of the Moon", "Angel", "I Don't Want To Know" and a whole host of Lindsey's tunes from Tusk.  Not to mention tracks from the Buckingham Nicks album.  But the band hasn't asked the fans, so we'll just have to leave it in their capable hands and wait it out until later tonight when the first show set list is confirmed.

Have a great show tonight Fleetwood Mac - and to everyone going to tonight's show... Show the band some love!! 

Fleetwood Mac is a rare act and one that won't be around forever.

Oh... And there's been talk that additional dates will be coming for the month of June.... Here's hoping they head to the UK, Europe and beyond.

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