Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh Stevie, how could you?

Fleetwood Mac made a long-awaited return to LA last week, allowing a fact-finding visit to the cheap seats sideways-on to the stage.

This revealed that Stevie Nicks now benefits from a TV next to her microphone, screening lyrics to Go Your Own Way, Dreams, and all the other old hits.

Ms Nicks is 61, and those years of rocking and rolling have no doubt taken their toll on her memory. But an autocue feels rum: Mac fans are surely entitled to expect better than a glorified version of karaoke.

[ I say who cares.... as long as she's present and singing away...]


1 comment:

  1. Give me a break.. and get a grip! Who cares if she uses a teleprompter to help her remember words. She still sings like a bird!!!!!! And if you don't care... then why did you even bring it up??