Saturday, August 22, 2009


SUPERSTAR Stevie Nicks will not allow Lindsay Lohan to play her in a planned Fleetwood Mac biopic.

"Lindsay cannot be me until she gets her life together," Nicks, 61, told the Sunday Herald Sun. "If I were to do a movie, or allow a movie about my life, Lindsay Lohan is not the person I would pick to do it.

"She has got completely off track. She has a bad reputation. She is a party girl.

"I would want somebody who is an excellent actress and dedicated to their craft."

Fleetwood Mac is swamped by movie offers and Nicks has picked the actor to play her.

"I want Reese Witherspoon to play me," Nick said. "Reese knows. She would play Stevie Nicks really well."

Nicks can relate to the traps snaring Hollywood's new brat pack.

She once released a solo album, Trouble In Shangri La, about the perils of celebrity and fame.

"I look at Miley Cyrus and wonder how she can keep it up because she is everything," Nicks said. "She is a singer, an actress, a dancer, a song writer. She is very famous. And she's only 16."

Nicks knows Miley's father, singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus, keeps his daughter on track.

"He's a good old boy. He's tough as nails underneath that sweet smile," she said.

Nicks said Paris Hilton should not be rated alongside Cyrus, Lohan or Britney Spears.

"Paris is an heiress. She has so much money, she never has to work a day in her life," Nicks said.

"But she has purposely chosen to build an empire. So God bless her."

But Nicks gave her strongest support to Spears.

"I love Britney and I want the best for her," Nicks said. "She has got her life back and she has two boys who need her.

"But Britney has her body back, her beauty back and, hopefully, she will get her power back."

Fleetwood Mac performs at Rod Laver Arena on December 1. Tickets go on sale on September 4.


  1. Sorry, but Stevie is wrong. As good an actress as Reese Witherspoon is, and as good as she was as June Carter Cash, she is not the right person to play Stevie. She is not right visually or in spirit. And as messed up as Lindsay Lohan is, she also is a really good actress. And I believe she would do Stevie justice on screen. I think she could appear to look and move like Stevie and would give a great peformance. I can't think of another young actress more appropriate to play Stevie than Lindsay. Besides, as a recoverying addict herself, Stevie should have more compassion for Lindsay's abuse, since she does have so much for Britney.

  2. Totally agree.... you go stevie.....
    if it were my autobiography, i would want an actress that takes her craft as seriously as i do ( stevie does) her singing and song writing., no one would take anything seriously with lindsay lohen as the lead of such a movie, and if im stevie i want my autobiography to be told once and told well..... whether reese has the "spirit " of stevie, i guess thats what being good at your craft is, if shes a great actress than she would do a great job., no matter who it is. you want it taken seriously... so no way would lindsay be the right person...
    maybe someday she will slap herself the the chances she missed out on for not getting her acting career back together so she could be taken more seriously... but if we are looking for the best person to do the job, then we want the best actress to play our stevie... who that is... who knows... but its not lindsay!!!

    stevie/fleetwood mac i always thought should be made into a broadway show like mamma mia was.. they have the songs they have the story., would be fabulous!!!!

  3. I think Sara Rue would be an awesome actress to play Stevie. She did a great job with Gypsy 83!!!