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REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac - Stockholm, Sweden October 10, 2009

(translated version)
Konsertrecension: Fleetwood Mac
Globen, 10 oktober.

It is not just an old tape that is at issue here, there is also a true old-fashioned show they do. Since last spring, the Fleetwood Mac has been out on his world tour, and every night repeating the exact same thing.

They play the same songs, in the same order, and says the same things, in the same clothes. It reflects an approach to concerts derived from rock professionalism during the 70s. That was when Big band went on tours and large expected to be held at-established concept. It was also when Fleetwood Mac had a great time, it was between -75 and -79 they did their best records, the self-titled "Fleetwood Mac", "Rumors" and "Tusk." With few exceptions, it is on these albums on this tour track list built. Tonight's last written track is from -87.

So it is no exaggeration to say that they live on the old track record. They know their place. The audience, who paid almost a thousand per person, has twenty years of waiting for the right to request original faithful versions of favorite songs. And with the reasonable expectation it will be a pretty good evening. Fleetwood Mac've really made it difficult for themselves this time. The scene is simply decorated with a few bright screens above and behind the band. In addition to the band glimpsed three background vocalists and two backing musicians in the gloom of the scene posterior regions.

They start swaying with "Monday Morning" and "The Chain" but may be up the car on the road just in time for "Dreams". This is, one of my absolute favorites, and even if it sounds good at the Globe, illustrates the problem with the Fleetwood Mac reunited and playing live. To some extent this show would detract from the magical feeling of luxurious 70th century which has shaped the memory of them. I've had the headphones on the treadmill and seriously seen myself run into the sunset along Venice Beach in a couple of narrow contemporary Adidas shorts. From now on, I think of popcorn and coffee aroma of the Globe right lighter.

It's Lindsey Buckingham, which takes most space. Stevie Nicks is certainly the most charisma with his blond hair, their big dresses and fringed shawls, but Buckingham is acting as the band's most ambitious member. He provokes me slightly with his smugness and his range of hand built guitars. He seems to have a little too easy to get high on himself. I find it difficult to regard Buckingham as anything other than a pop musician, but it is painfully obvious that he has more thoughts about himself. John McVie plays bass in half shade, Mick Fleetwood sits parked behind his drum kit. He lives up when he gets to play "Oh Well", the evening's only song from Fleetwood Mac's first incarnation as a British blues band. Then he looked full in the hell out.

They make the key songs from the 70s: "Second Hand News", "Do not Stop" and "Gold Dust Woman". But since Christine McVie is no longer with the lack of a gem like "Think About Me". The level is high and consistent, but much of the charge that existed around these songs have tjatats away. There is, understandably, not much emotion left, so to put life into the songs pouring Buckingham on the guitar solos and the extra numbers, Mick Fleetwood plays a drum solo, which - with its Mora Swamp-manners - becomes a bit too unworthy to rounding in the evening.

For it is surely something specific with Fleetwood Mac l├ątkatalog. When they were at their best, they managed to combine the epic of the British folk rock with the same ease melancholy in the American West Coast rock. I still can finally say that I prefer the songs on the disc, and that it actually was not quite make sense to destroy their own images of the band and the music in this way.

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  1. interresting take on the concert, but we think it was a fab evening!

    the mac is back!

    Are & Stine from Oslo