Friday, March 05, 2010


Here's the snippet of a duet demo Dave Stewart spoke about and promised to preview today - of him and Stevie singing "Everybody Loves You" ... I love it!, it's hard to believe this is only a demo. It sounds so beautiful with the strings....

Thank you Dave for taking the time to post this... and thank you Stevie!

DOWNLOAD (38 second preview)


  1. That actually sounds like a really good song. Their voices actually sound good together.

  2. YES FINALLY!!!!
    She sounds great!!!
    And NO LINDSEY!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you !!!

  3. Bummer, she sounds so old. Sigh.

  4. It really needs to be mixed better. It's good, but he needs to be mixed in and her voice layered atop his. I look forward to hearing the rest though.

  5. The song sounds pretty cool. I hope she does record either a solo CD or a Fleetwood Mac one. This song would sound great with Lindsey singing on it. I just wish Warner Bros. Records would do a better job marketing her a hit song on the radio. They screwed up "Trouble In Shangri La" and "Say You Will" totally. Planets of the Universe should have been a hit, and so should have the song Say You Will.

  6. And if you think about it Stevie's record companies have been screwing up her releases for quite a while. And killing any chance of her having a hit song:

    Timespace, they release "Sometimes It's a Bitch" the Bon Jovi written song as the single. Any Stevie fan instantly knows she would never write such a vulger word as "bitch" into a lyric, everyone that is except her own record company. Idiotic mistake.

    Street Angel, they release "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" as the first single, a song Stevie did not write, instead of "Blue Denim" a much better song she did write. Once again, big mistake.

    Enchanted, they release "Reconsider Me" as the single, another song Stevie did not write, instead of "Thousand Day" a much better song, again one she did write. And another big mistake.

    Shangri La, they release two singles at once, "Planets" and "Everyday" another song Stevie did not write. But they shoot a video only for Everyday and only promote in on TV. Even the Billboard review said they chose the wrong song to push. Really stupid mistake.

    Say You Will, they release "Peacekeeper" as the single at the very moment the United States is going to war with Iraq. Even though Lindsey's song is not about war, that automatically kills it on radio. And they also shoot a cheezy video at a tour rehearsal instead of making a real video showing the band looking great shot on real sets. Amazingly stupid mistakes. The song "Say You Will" must be one of the most commerical songs Stevie has ever written and her record company managed to screw up its chances of becoming a hit.

    Mick said in interviews at that time that they almost changed record labels to Interscope, but wound up staying at WB. I think that was a mistake.

  7. So so glad she's recording and sharing!! I think this is a great collaboration! Very different with the strings..I really like it a lot ...

  8. This really could be something. Yes, the mix is rough, but it sounds very different, and softer than much of her later stuff. Love the strings! I'm glad it looks like Dave Stewart is taking the lead.

    Who else out there thinks the "Soundstage" DVD was killer, but the CD was one of the weakest things Stevie has done?

    Perhaps now we might get to hear the song about New Orleans that she has talked about....I CAN"T WAIT! (No pun intended)