Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lissie Maurus featured here in Classic Rock Magazines Summer 2010 issue has the distinction of being referred to as the "NEW" Stevie Nicks. Not such a bad comparison if you ask me. Personally, I'm not really hearing it... What I do hear is an interesting and unique voice and singing style from which the comparisons to Stevie are surely drawn from.  I really like her music, she's got some killer live videos on youtube that you should check out... She's no doubt a talented girl that possesses a lovely rich soulful voice, but she's no Stevie Nicks - she's herself... Hit the image for the full article.

You can check out some of her tunes on Myspace, or Facebook, or Youtube.

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  1. Hey. I visit the concert from Lissie in Munich at the club 59:1. The band ist great and the voice from Lissie ist fantastic. One can feel how much fun the band has to play.
    Unfortunately after the concert, I bought the CD. Sorry Lissie if I has to say this: On the CD it's not you, it's SONY Music and It sounds like sh..
    Don't sell your soul to Sony Music, you will not win.