Friday, October 08, 2010

The Black Bird Diaries Tracklist Revealed...

Samples of each track from Dave Stewarts upcoming new album can be heard on The Blackbird Diaries website. "Cheaper Than Free" features Stevie Nicks + "Stevie Baby" a song inspired by Stevie. Both sound fantastic... Can't wait to hear the full versions!  To hear the samples log in with your twitter account at The Blackbird Diaries website. If you don't have a twitter account... get one, it's easy.  The music sounds great!  Still not sure when the release date is.

01. Beast Called Fame
02. All Messed Up ft Martina McBride
03. So Long Ago
04. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
05. Gypsy Girl and Me
06. Alibi
07. One Way Ticket To The Moon ft Secret Sisters
08. Magic In The Blues
09. Bullet Proof Vest ft Colbie Caillait
10. Worth The Waiting For (co-write with Bob Dylan)
11. Country Wine ft Secret Sisters
12. Stevie Baby
13. Cheaper Than Free ft Stevie Nicks
14. The Well

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  1. I love this music. It's great! Can't wait to buy it!