Saturday, February 26, 2011

1,000 Fans to get Lindsey Buckingham into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

A wonderful crew of admins have put together this Facebook campaign to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
and they are approaching the mid way point... but need an extra push... Can you help?

It's an exciting year for Fleetwood Mac fans as we await more details on the release of Lindsey's new album... What better way to boost his likelihood of being considered for the Rock Hall as a solo artist then an album release and a fan base that wants to put him there.  

This Group is open to anyone that wants to join... 
All it takes is a hit to the "Like" button up at the top of the Facebook page
and you are counted.

Lots of Rare vintage photos and vintage videos from personal collections are shared... 
Some of which I've never even seen before.. and I thought I saw A LOT!
Lindsey Buckingham is one of the greatest guitar players, singers, performers, songwriters, & producers ever. He is a living legend. He should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.


  1. There are so many deserving artists who have not yet been inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, that Lindsey seems an odd choice to campaign for. I love all of his solo work; he is a brilliant guitarist, arranger and singer. But compared to the stature and success of Stevie's solo career, I would certainly be more interested in her being recognized. Stevie's songwriting is so much more advanced than Lindsey's and she was included on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the top 100 rock singers of all time.

    I wish Lindsey all the success in the world and would love to see him inducted. But not before Stevie ! ! !

  2. I certainley agree

  3. I FULLY disagree with the both of you. I do like Stevie and I think she's very talented, but in my opinion, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE compares to Lindsey. NO ONE!!! He's MEGA talented and is not only the greatest guitar player that ever walked the face of this earth, but he's also the greatest singer, songwriter, performer, and producer too. (If it wasn't for Lindsey, Stevie would not be where she is today.) He puts his heart & soul into everything that he does and it shows. Over the past 33+ years, he & his music has gotten me thru a lot of hard times in my life, including the present. He is MUCH loved & respected by me and all of his many other fans around the world. Although Stevie is deserving of being inducted also, I'd REALLY like to see it happen for Lindsey first. He is more than deserving of it.

  4. I totally agree---Stevie deserves it first!!!

  5. ^^Yeah but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE compares to Stevie! You see I do believe that Lindsey is a talented instrumentalist, but if it wasn't for Stevie Nicks elevating FM to superstar status where would Lindsey be. Where do I begin. Stevie deserves her success, has climbed up the mountain and beyond for it. Has endured Lindsey's & sometimes the bands berating and belittling of her. Her persona, poetry and philosophical mysticism are the heart and soul of Fleetwood Mac. Wasn't going to mention that Stevie has influenced more musicians hand down, not to mention has sold multi-millions of more records. No. I wont vote for him before Stevie. PERIOD!

  6. Sales and popularity aside, After Fleetwood Mac's legacy as a whole band, Stevie Nicks' legacy is the next biggest in line. She should be nominated for her contributions as a lead female trailblazer in a male dominated industry. One of the few rock female legends walzing into her 5th decade of music making.

  7. Why all of the negativity towards Lindsey?? This REALLY saddens me!! This AWESOME group was created to not only help get him inducted, but it's also a celebration of his life & music. This is a wonderful/positive thing. He is more than deserving of being inducted and much more!! There are already a ton of different Stevie groups including an induction one for her. This is one of the very few groups/pages devoted to him. OMG!!! Give him a break people!!! Oh and by the way, he is also entering his 5th decade of making music, as well.

  8. Nobody is negative towards Lindsey. These are only differnces of opinion. And as they say; that's what makes horse races! ! !

    We all love every member of Fleetwood Mac. Without Mick's magnificent drumming, John's perfect base playing, Christine's loverly singing voice and uplifting songs. As well as Lindsey's brilliant guitar playing, producing and singing. But I still feel that since the band is already inducted, the first one of them that should be inducted as a solo artist is Stevie. Her solo career is simply so much larger in scope than Lindsey's is. Her sex symbol appeal in 1976 cannot be denied and remember that Rhiannon is what put them over the top into becomming a famous band. And her songwriting is completely unique; nobodoy in music writes anything like Stevie. She is the poet of her generation, as well as one of the most beautiful women that has ever walked the face of the earth.

    Quite possibly, none of Fleetwood Mac will ever get in the Hall of Fame as a solo artist, and maybe that's the way it should reman.


  10. You couldn't be more wrong!! LINDSEY is the reason why she and F.Mac are so big.