Saturday, February 05, 2011


Rolling Stone Magazine - February 17, 2011 issue 
Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart Full Page Article, plus "Secret Love" Single Review
Full article was previously post on February 2nd:


  1. Such a great time! Thanks so much for posting the article!

  2. I can't fathom why Stevie is opening. It should definitely be the other way around. I've got tix for the Philly show. I never miss Stevie if I can possibly help it. I saw her many times w/Fleetwood Mac, on the Bella Donna tour, and probably ten times since. She is and always will be my musical idol. ;-)

  3. This tour with Rod Steward is so ill concieved. I guess Stevie wants to make some money before the cd is released. I hope she tours on her own after it comes out. When she toured with Don Henley, he was pissed because the audience was all her fans. And now Rod is going to feel the same way. Plus, if she opens, then we'll have to sit through his solo set. I've got nothing against Rod, but I'm not really a fan. And then their set together just sounds horrible.

    I think I'll pass on the double bill and wait for Stevie alone later in the summer.

  4. What a CLASS Act! The "QUEEN OF ROCK" ...still ROCKS! Can't wait to hear the new CD! Don't understand why she touring with Rod. She can stand alone. I think I'll wait as well and see her when she's on her OWN tour.

  5. Im so excited about all of this. Its amazing that there is so much buzz. I feel like this new cd is going to go amazingly well!!