Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio Station Adds for "Secret Love" The Latest Single From Stevie Nicks

10 Radio Stations in the US that report to Mediabase added "Secret Love" to their playlists today March 28, 2011. That's huge for one day! 9 Adult Contemporary Stations and 1 Triple A.  So far 49 Stations in total that report to Mediabase (AC and Triple A) are spinning the track... Still have a lot of room for growth, but it keeps increasing week after week.

KESZ-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Phoenix, AZ
KJSN-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Modesto, CA
KQXT-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - San Antonio, NM
KSNE-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Las Vegas, NV
WSRS-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Worcester, MA
WSRW-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Grand Rapids, MI
WCRZ-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Flint, MI
WJKK-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Jackson, MS
WFMK-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Lansing, MI
KEZE-FM 3/28/2011- Triple A - Spokane, WA


  1. I bet even more stations would add the song, if there were some sort of promotional visual piece to go along with it. Some artistic interpretation of the lyrics set to the music of the song. Hmmmm...what could that be. It will come to me--hold on...I used to watch them all the time and if I'm not mistaken they used to have whole cable channels devoted to just playing these things.
    Ahhhh, never mind. You guys don't need one of those.

  2. ^^ Funny. But yeah, a video SOON would be optimal!

  3. I'm guessing Warner/Reprise is holding off on the video, and plan on making $$$ by selling it on a DVD???