Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Secret Love" at Radio... How it's doing on the charts ? Well, it's on the way UP!

The first single from In Your Dreams continues to gain traction at radio, with Adult Rock Radio (Triple A) really starting to pick up on the song and give it some serious radio play, hense the 14 place jump to # 33  this week after debuting on the chart at # 47 last week.  I'll have more later.

Adult Contemporary Radio Play Charts:
Up to # 26 from # 30 for the week ending March 8th

Adult Rock Radio Play Charts:
Up to # 33 from # 47 last week


  1. Glee's version of "Landslide" was just released 2 hours ago, and it's already #15 on the iTunes Top 100 chart and #29 on the Pop chart.

  2. And #1 on the iTunes Country chart.

  3. Thanks for the heads up guys... I was going to wait until the morning before seeing what the impact was on the charts... Didn't realize it was that instant! Amazing!!