Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backstage with Stevie Nicks - exclusive

Rock legend Stevie Nicks talks about the story behind her new single, "Secret Love," and shares what rock songs she belted out as a young girl.  See the video at


  1. Ever since I watched Stevie on Oprah earlier today I've been watching "In Your Dreams" album sales on Amazon move on up! It was #twenty-something and now its #18 in Pop Music, #12 in Rock Albums, & #2 in Classic Rock > Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) Music!!!!! Yay Stevie!!! Go get'em girl!

  2. I wish someday she would come out with some of the jewerly we always see her wear, especially her crescent moon!!! appears to be diamond crusted!!! would love one, just to wear when im rockin my stevie time, she did great on oprah today and cant wait to see the solo show! and video that they have from making the cd!!!! news should be coming out soon!!!!

  3. Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #16 in Music (Top 100 in Music)

    #2 in Music > Classic Rock > Album-Oriented Rock (AOR)
    #10 in Music > Rock
    #15 in Music > Pop

  4. I was admittedly skeptical about Stevie on Oprah. I was sooooooo wrong. It highlighted her perfectly. Only wish her Secret Love performance had made the broadcast.

    And it's time for my weekly "where's the Secret Love video?" I bought it presale. But I don't wanna wait till May. In what world does it make sense to release the Cheaper than Free video first? I love the song but don't want it to stall I'm the charts...Oprah will help, if they went to her website. But come on already.....

  5. I liked the Oprah episode, but Stevie's sugary chai tea habit/condition is worsened by lack of sleep, which i see here, bless her soul. I that condition TOO well! I gave up that damned chai tea because it was making me boisterous, loud, uncomfortable and just slightly obnoxious. THIS, PLUS MENOPAUSE, certainly don't work in harmony...

  6. she's 62 frickin years old, Menopause has been over for her for 10 years now.