Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW Interview with Stevie Nicks on Kink FM 101.9 Portland

This is a morning interview... Stevie's been awake for all of 30 minutes and she's funny! Check it out here

"Legendary Stevie Nicks woke up early to talk with Dave & Sheila."

And also on the Kink FM Website

(More Stevie Interviews at the top of the page, click the "Audio Interviews" link)


  1. What a great interview. Love what she had to say about Lindsey.

  2. Best interview she's given in a while, loved it!

  3. Awesome! That's my favorite radio interview of all time. Someone needs to drag her out of bed more often! Apparently she's at her best in the early morning hours!

  4. I love you Stevie and feel like I know you. Funny girl...I can't wait to hear In your Dreams...

  5. Great interview, despite the annoying lady interviewing. Just didn't like her