Friday, April 08, 2011

Oprah Show with Stevie Nicks and Rock Godesses From The 70's & 80's

"Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett "All New!" Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Salt -n- Pepa, Pat Benetar: Rock Godesses of te 70's & 80's, Music Legends Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Salt-n-Pepa and Pat Benatar perform."

Picked up this description of the show from a Joan Jett Forum... It's apparently from a Comcast Guide description of the Oprah Show next week...

The Oprah Show is being filmed in Chicago today April 8th

A LOT of ladies are rumoured to be on the show next week:
Stevie Nicks | Pat Benatar | Joan Jett | Avril Lavigne | Salt N Pepa | Miley Cyrus | Sister Sledge


  1. I was hoping for an hour long interview with just Stevie. With such a long guest list, it seems we may only get a song and an album plug.

  2. .^^..........If that. Shame really :-( The show could/should have focused just on Stevie & Pat, and maybe Joan too. Boo

  3. Oh c'mon people! Just be glad she's even Oprah! I mean sure I would've loved the show to just focus on Stevie, but I'm just really excited that she'll finally be on. With Stevie's single "Secret Love" poised to enter the Top 20, Oprah's "Midas Touch" will push the single as well as Album Sales... With her short tour with Rod Stewart, the appearance on Oprah, the release of the "Secret Love" Video, the New Album, Documentary, Solo Tour, and Many New Music Videos to come... This really is THE YEAR OF STEVIE NICKS!!!!

  4. I am so glad stevie is getting her time on oprah, just think the show is ending in another month... ending, and it has taken all this time for her to do an interview with Stevie, I thought someone would of grabbed Stevie or Stevie and Lindsey by now to do a show of those days back in Fleetwood mac.....
    I am so excited Stevie is getting time to promote her new album, new concert..... I love Stevie, and I will be glued to the Tv on the 13th, this is the year of Stevie Nicks, Oprah, Glee, her new album... concert with rod stewart and her solo year with fleetwood mac........ go stevie!!! go stevie....