Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday The 13th with Stevie Nicks: Fantasy Springs Resort

Photos by: @woletrap 

Stevie's first live show post Heart & Soul Tour took place at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio, CA last night.  Stevie opened the show with "Stand Back" and closed with "Love is" with not a lot different inbetween then her setlist during the Heart & Soul Tour.  Only one new tune, her current single 'Secret Love' from her new album 'In Your Dreams' was played.  The show was sold out with Fantasy Springs Resort reporting on May 10th that only 100 tickets were remaining... 

Photo by: RonEappleseed
From what I've read Stevie still didn't appear to be 100% back from being ill earlier in the month where she was forced to cancel east coast TV appearances and a couple of shows in NYC and Atlantic City - but at the same time those that did see the show said she sounded great and the show rocked!

Three more shows this month round out this short promo tour.  Las Vegas tonight (May 14), Albuquerque, NM (May 20) and her Birthday Bash at The Wiltern in LA (May 26).  We're also hearing rumours there may be more dates together this year with Rod Stewart.


  1. She did sound great!! Clear as a bell and very strong...quite a few extended notes, which one would think she might nix, in light of being ill, but no, she hit em all and held em long.
    She looked great--always the ageless beauty. The only signs of illness was that she was less ambulatory and when she did move it seemed more of an effort. This was only apparant on the big screens.
    My only disappointment was there wasn't enuf new material.I love IYD and there is a treasure of material that she could have filled the concert with. Perhaps, being I'll didn't allow her and the band to practice and integrate IYD material yet. I went with 6 friends who had never seen her in concert before, unlike myself who has gone plus 20 times now. They walked away in love with her and talked about the show all night. They are gonna download TISL too, for Love Is, Sorcerer and Fall from Grace which she performed. I already had them listening to IYD and they love it too.

  2. Okay so what is this? A promo tour with no IYD tracks? 5 shows similar to Heart and Soul? THEN a IYD tour? huh? I think most of the people who purchased tickets for these first shows were thinking it was going to be....IYD tour. Someone please 'splain!!! I'm lost.

  3. wow, talk about tired set list. you'd think she'd have at least 1 or 2 more songs rehearsed from IYD instead of Secret Love. The album is so amazing that it's hard to fathom she won't play a few songs off it on future dates. If she doesn't, I certainly won't be paying to see this same ole set list again.

  4. I attended the Indio show. She only played one hour and 20 minutes. And only played one new song off her #6 album "In your dreams,," and the song was "Secret love." It was my 34 Nicks show since 1983 and the first Nicks show I was not happy with. Despite the very brief playing time, I was looking forward to hearing a few new songs live off her fabulous new album and ended up seeing basically an oldies set. Not a good was to support a new album. She sounded good and looked great, but I was disappointed.

  5. Even being sick, you would think Stevie would have performed more new songs. I wonder why she is really not sure if she will do a real tour? Since she has toured much of the last decade without a new CD to promote, it seems odd that she now says she can't unless the new CD is a hit and promoters want her.

  6. It did seem like an abbreviated set compared to past tours. If this is the new standard, they need to lower prices, or I just wont pay for good seats.
    If I knew her birthday concert was IYD heavy, I would pay to go...but I'm not going to take a chance and see this again. Not that it's not great, but I've seen this setlist a few times.

  7. I agree - way too short. I was also expecting more new material especially since it is so wonderful. I had seats in the 11th row and yes she was very good but I thought she did look tired and not 100% Stevie. Still all in all a great show and as always her voice hauntingly enchanting.