Friday, May 20, 2011

"Secret Love" at Radio...

The song hasn't climbed any higher than #20.  This week it drops 3 to #23 on the AC Charts.  This postion will be reflected in Billboard Magazine dated May 28th.


  1. Makes me much potential and so many mistakes along the way.
    Video released way too tv sppearances till the song was only avaiable on for her Oprah appearance...songs don't catch fire by touring anymore--rod Stewart tour a mistake, should have been nationally promoting the single on tv and video on vh1, no sizzle reel redux as commercial during glee. And unfortunately she catches pneumonia the week of the cd release. Secret Love performances after that were rough( Ellen) and rougher (DWTS).
    Water under the single hopefully handled better. So many to choose from...and gorgeous videos in the can and ready to go for all of them. She has run the daytime tv circuit. But there is late night talk shows. Idol next week would be awesome--yeah, I know-- she's not scheduled. So You Think You Can Dance this summer,her rescheduled Today show appearance. Lots of opportunity for the next single. Cross your fingers!!

  2. Yes I agree with the above. Once again Warner Bros. Records has done Stevie no favors in promoting the single "Secret Love". They serviced it to radio way to early, back in February when there was no video, no TV apearances, nothing. And it is a very short window of time that DJ's have to play or pass on a song. You would think that WB or Stevie's management would realize that as a still beautiful woman, her visual image singing the song is so important to sell the song at radio. And without a hit song, the CD will only sell to her aging fanbase, which is not what it once was. And she may not even do a real tour now. The Rod Steward one was pretty bad. So we may never hear her sing her new songs live, and that really sucks.

  3. oh would you two drama queens get over it! so the single wasn't #10 or even top 10, WHO CARES besides over obsessed Stevie fans? It is new music from her, just accept it for what it is. It's not 1985 anymore, she's not gonna go out there promoting like she's 30, she said herself she'd be happy if this CD didn't sell much, she's doing it for HERSELF mostly. Stop stressing so much about singles and charts and just enjoy the music.

  4. she said if the album isn't a success, then she won't tour with it. So, I understand the concern. Singles, sell albums drama queen. Besides, the first two comments were appropriate considering this post is about charts and sales. If this were a posted review I might be apt to agree with your rebuke.