Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SONG PREMIERE: Free Download New Single "Seeds We Sow" Lindsey Buckingham

Guitar legend and Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham has worked with the best and brightest producers in the music industry, but for his upcoming sixth studio album 'Seeds We Sow,' he takes a more solitary approach, recording, writing and producing entirely on his own. And if the title track is any indication, Buckingham fans are in for a completely fresh sound.

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"This might be the best work I've ever done," the guitarist said in a press release. "I think it's an excellent representation of what I do. It shows a certain maturity and musicianship and I just feel like I have a lot of tools in my musical vocabulary from which to draw that are again the product of the choices I've made. It's on my own terms. This is very much from the inside out and I hope I never stop doing that."

Featuring only guitar and vocals, 'Seeds We Sow' employs a slight slapback echo on Buckingham's signature finger-picking style, making the guitar both percussive and melodic underneath his dark, whispering vocals.

Buckingham will be supporting his forthcoming album with a 31-city North American tour starting in September. 'Seeds We Sow' will be released Sept. 6 via Eagle Rock.


  1. Great song!! I'm really happy that it's this nice acoustic track with lots of fingerpicking. I absolutely love Lindsey's fingerpicking. It's very calming. And I'm happy the song isn't all experimental like stuff Lindsey did in the past. I'm curious to hear what the album will sound like.

  2. It sounds very much like something off UNDER THE SKIN - which I love and still play a lot. There's an understated passion to it that grabs you. The lyrics are dark and tender and the almost-whispered vocal delivery creates an aura of intimacy. UNDER THE SKIN, GIFT OF SCREWS and now, SEEDS WE SOW seem to be part of a larger "wave" of Lindsey music, first heard on the re-conceived BIG LOVE on THE DANCE, and later fleshed out on SAY GOODBYE from SAY YOU WILL. Thought that IN OUR OWN TIME was to be the first single but it doesn't matter - I'll take what I can get for now. Thanks, Lindsey

  3. Hmm. All other songs on the new album better not be sped up too, or i'll be throwing rotten tomatoes on him in the fall... or he'll need to release live CD to go with that Saban concert DVD.

  4. A "completely fresh sound" my ass. Someone should tell Lindsey his record is skipping, cuz he keeps repeating the same song over & over. I used to be a huge fan but I was so disappointed with his last 2 albums that I doubt I'll even buy this one.