Monday, July 18, 2011

Station Adds.... "For What It's Worth" Stevie Nicks Single

3 Stations so far have picked up "For What It's Worth"
(click image to enlarge)

No need for panic, this is the first week the single was available for stations to play... The station adds will increase as the weeks go on.

[Update July 19th]

1 more Station add, KWAV, Monterey, CA...
WJXB AC - Knoxville, TN is also spinning the track
KOHO FM has also been playing Italian Summer quite frequently.


  1. My favorite song on this album. I'm so glad more of the world (besides us Stevie freaks!) will get to hear it.

  2. Is this good? Doesn't sound like it -- too early to panic? I don't know the industry well enuf.
    Video anytime soon? TV appearances? Little help here? Hello?help?

  3. Nice to see that Italian Summer is being played in at least one spot. I love this romantic song...

  4. please please....let this song get some more traction. It deserves to be heard outside of Stevie's base. It's probably my 2nd favorite song off IYD if I was *forced* to rank (cause I really love the whole record)
    I'd be pleased to see it just reach the top 20 AC or AAA charts. I heard "Secret Love" played many times for a couple of months in the Denver market, but have yet to hear FWIW :(
    Also nice to see Italian Summer getting some love.....

  5. is this good or horrifying? How is three or four stations playing it good? I love her but... Is her team "on it?"