Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stevie Nicks braced herself against the wind with hair flying as she launched into her song

50,000 Fans Dazzled at First American Thunder Music Festival Benefit for Bob Woodruff Foundation. Jeff Bridges hosts All-Star Concert in Celebration of the Men and Women of the United States Military and their Families.
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STURGIS, S.D., Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The inaugural American Thunder Music Festival, a benefit concert for the Bob Woodruff Foundation, made history in front of an audience of 50,000 fans this past weekend (August 13) when Jeff Bridges hosted and performed  along with Stevie Nicks and John Fogerty.  Nicks performed in the midst of a howling thundering windstorm and tornado warnings...  The show was the first major benefit concert in the 71-year history of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Nicks performed her classic hits "Landslide" and "Rhiannon" along with a haunting version of "Soldiers Angel" which she told the audience was written and inspired by her many visits over the years to Walter Reed Hospital and Bethesda to visit wounded soldiers.

The moment could not have been more dramatic.  Commented American Thunder's creator David Clark, "Our giant 40'x60' foot backdrop was ripped from the rigging and went sailing through the back of the stage like a leaf in the wind.  I was on the verge of pulling the plug.  At that point I looked at a determined Stevie Nicks as she braced herself against the wind with hair flying and those famous streamers from her mic violently flying as she launched into her song about the need to care for the country's wounded warriors.  Over 50,000 people watched with me in amazement as Stevie continued to perform.  It's no exaggeration to say that this was the most emotional moment I've ever witnessed at a show."

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  1. That is a powerful thing to hear. The most emotional moment... Stevie will continue to move people until the end of time. She has true passion... she sings from the heart. I love her

  2. Would LOVE a high-rez version of that photo!

  3. This performance is another unexpected high point in Stevie's career - the song and the images are powerful and defining. The heroine and the elements - wind, rain, lightning, anger, song - the very forces that give Stevie Nicks her power are in charge, with Stevie surfing through it all, displaying the bravery she is singing about. She WAS in danger. The stage collapsed in Indiana and we saw those metal rafters swaying above her. Maybe that's why she's cancelled performances. I think she was terrified but channeled it into the song. Awe inspiring.

  4. you go girl. i love you. always have, always will.

  5. "Taken by the wind. Taken by the sky."

  6. I imagine she was lost in the moment of the song, as usual, she almost puts herself into a trance. I'm sure she was very emotional after this concert. What a great time to be a life long Stevie Nicks fan. Timeless.

  7. if you represent Stevie and you don't realize this is a viral YouTube sensation (see comments posted there), you shouldn't be representing Stevie - this performance is stunning! Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall stunning - Jesus - do you get it?