Friday, August 26, 2011

Stevie Nicks Live at Bethel Woods Center.. The Show is a Go!

According to the Bethel Woods Center, Stevie's show Saturday night is still on... 

Obviously this could change as Irene moves closer to the NY area... Keep checking their facebook page for updates.

"The Stevie Nicks concert on Saturday, Aug 27 is on as scheduled with an 8pm show time. We are carefully monitoring the weather conditions with local and national agencies and will update as needed. Currently the storm is expected to hit our area around 8am on Sunday morning."

Per: Bethel Woods Center on Facebook


  1. Irresponsible to Stevie's fans. Reschedule the show. Her show was cancelled after 9/11 without a blink of an eye. Now there's a hurricane and there's hesitation. We love Stevie, but not enough to risk our lives on the NYS Thruway. We know Stevie does not control the weather and she doesn't make the decision to cancel a show unless she's sick, but here management needs to get a clue! BTW, if the show does go on and Stevie and crew need a place, I'm just off the Thruway!

  2. I agree with the last post. Facebook is lit up with disgusted fans. How can the promoters even consider going on with the show under these circumstances. There is talk that the hudson river bridges might be closed. Do the right thing and keep your fans safe.

  3. I guess the point of responsibility is thrown to the wind when there is money involved. I know i am not alone in feeling totally let down by an estabishment that boasts peace and love so not feeling the concern of fan saftey and fairness during such an unexpected act of the almighty........

  4. We love Stevie but not enough to risk Irene! It's great that someone was monitoring the local weather but what about the paths of her traveling fans? I could imagine with all the public transportation being shut down along with most of the STATE, she had to had minimal support! Never again! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

    BATH, PA

  5. If you are feeding into the fact that it's s slow news week and the only thing they have to make a huge deal over is this hurricane then you shouldn't attempt going to the concert. It's not Stevie's fault. If she wasn't so devoted to her fans she would cancel and not reschedule. Either go to the concert or stay locked in your storm cellars. Either way just shut up! Don't you have jobs? Kids? Pets? A hobby? Good sex? To focus on instead of a concert and a hurricane that the news is making worse than it is?