Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Grammy Nominations....

Published by @Nickslive of Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: 
No Grammy Nominations kids!
The potential was so there!! more-so then ever before I think... Sadly neither Lindsey Buckingham nor Stevie Nicks were recognized for their crowning achievements this past year during this evenings Grammy nominations telecast and ultimately the fully released list of nominations.

Congratulations to those that were nominated.


  1. Robbery. Grand theft.

  2. Oh, this is sad and unfair. And I'm surprised.
    There's hope for next year for these releases. How? If Stevie releases a single such as 'In Your Dreams' or 'Italian Summer', she could get a pop vocal nomination next year- by 'releasing' I mean that hard-copy singles have to be released to amazon and select retail outlets, such as bestbuy or any store that stocks maxi singles. The label may also decide to do a vinyl release of the cd, and that could garner a packaging nomination next year. If the long-delayed home dvd gets released, it could be nominated next year. I believe she got at least two Grammy nominations the year after her album came out- don't quote me, but i think the rock vocal nomination for 'Edge of 17' came a year later than the nominations for 'Stop Dragging' w Petty, or perhaps, years later it was the third single 'Whole Lotta Trouble' that got a rock vocal nomination the year following the full cd release.
    As for Lindsey, with his dvd release just weeks ago, he missed the deadline for 'long form video'- so, while a scant chance, he may get the nod next year. Also, SN's "Red Rocks' video got a Grammy nomination a year later than her nomination for 'Talk to Me'- so i offer hope.
    Poor Stevie, poor Lindsey. SN just picked the wrong songs to submit.
    I feel for her, especially, but go get 'em next year. If she has two actual singles - not just radio promos- made available for purchase, she could get best pop vocal nominations for either of these songs: ''In your Dreams'' and "Italian Summer'' and best rock nominations for either 'Ghosts Are Gone' or 'Wide Sargasso Sea'- a dvd release could be a third nomination, and packaging of a vinyl release of the full album could be a fourth, if less prestigious nomination- but go for them all!!
    I hope she goes for it in 2012 and doesn't let the b*stards get her down.
    Next year, ''StevieBaby'' !!! Think about it!

  3. The single submissions were weak. Critically, everyone was on board with FWIW. How many reviews did I read that complimented Secret Love, but then went on to say it wasn't even the best song on the record? I thought her best shot was Soldiers Angel, but when I saw the Rock vocal nominees, I was like-- SA doesn't fit in that category.
    I agree, if handled correctly, next year could be much different. Sargasso or Ghosts for Rock vocal and Italian for pop vocal. Although I love Annabel Lee and NewOrleans. Glad to hear she is supporting this thru 2012.
    Is Moonlight an official single? The video was released, but wasn't sure.

  4. Robbed...such a great cd...hopefully they submit better choices next year!

  5. 'Burlesque' came out last year and was nominated this year. Perhaps this will be the case for the nominations for 2013...Stevie and Lindsey!

  6. This year the Recording Academy reduced the number of award categories dramatically. I'm guessing that Stevie might have gotten some nominations if the categories in "rock" and "pop" were identical to previous years... but they aren't this time around. For instance no "female rock vocal" category exists anymore...

  7. You're right, Sean. Just got this from Wikipedia: "The eligibility period for the 2012 Grammy Awards is September 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011".
    Rock, yeah!

  8. Well Out of the nominated, only one, Adele actually sang without benefit of auto tune.
    Next year Stevie... and this year, perhaps in BETTER company not being nominated...
    Doesn't mean anything really as we all know she ROCKS!!!!

  9. (How the hell do you get rid of "Female Rock Vocal" as a category, yet keep some for Rap??!!)
    I agree that the wrong songs were submitted from IYD. Granted, the album is, in my opinion, PHENOMENAL; another Bella Donna or even better. I still would have entered in songs people stated, above. I realize the severity and connection to Soldiers Angel, yet, in general, I typically don't get my hopes up for the Grammy nods; I think they'll wake up when Rolling Stone realizes Lindsey is NOT 100th greatest guitarist! Plain and simple....Stevie has deserved Grammy's for several solo albums/many songs. TISL was nominated and I recall being so pleased with that. Still, this album is a masterpiece and I have listened to it incessantly since it arrived at my door step on May 3rd. Funny...when my friends and I waited to meet her after she taped Leno this summer, she asked us if we had the new record. Stevie, you have to know by now, that we diehards already knew the lyrics to each song, within a week or so of the album's release! :) We love you, Grammy nods or not. You're too good for them, I guess ;) "You'll go on forever, you're that good" ~

  10. I agree with the above---she is too good for them!!!!

  11. No reason again for me to watch the Grammy's, maybe next year. Rock on Stevie!!

  12. I think the only Grammy categories actually taken seriously on an artistic basis are classical/bluegrass/roots/traditional - music that's not so subject to commercial fads. I don't know who actually nominates and votes, but if Stevie's Kathy Griffin appearance (over the phone) can be taken seriously, neither she nor Bette Midler are active, voting members of the organization. This is very different than the Academy Awards, which are much more a peer-to-peer statement of achievement. I really don't think the Grammy issue matters much - would have been nice, but as was stated above, the elimination of the female rock and pop vocal categories leaves no viable slot for a Stevie/IYD nomination. Stevie doesn't need a Milli Vanilli Grammy on her mantle.

  13. It's been decades since the Grammy's recognized artists. It's all about sales and commercial airplay. I think it's a badge of honor to not get recognized by the Grammy's these days.

  14. Now that's just sad. I'd rather pay for Foxtel and watch Stevie and Lindsey on the grammy's rather than Taylor swift, Justin Bieber or Katy Perry.