Saturday, December 10, 2011

Auction Winner Questions Stevie Nicks Autographed Poster

Published by @Nickslive of for Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews
Really? Someone questioned this?
Apparently, the person that won one of the 2011 Fillmore posters, from Stevie's two shows earlier this year, that she autographed and auctioned off to benefit Mike Campbell's Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund questioned the validity of Stevie's signature. The situation was brought to Stevie's attention and she sent in a note to her website The Nicksfix addressing the situation... Check it out. (scroll down the page a bit for the 2 page pdf file)

The Auction was run by Mike Campbell from the Heartbreakers back in early November to benefit "Mike Campbell's Rock The Dogs Rock and Roll Holiday Auction".  Stevie's items raised a load of money for the fund... Here are the two signed items.


  1. If this person thinks it's fake, I would be happy to buy it from a fake's price.

  2. I honestly can not believe that someone would question the authenticity of the poster considering that it was Mike Campbell's charity. And even with that, if you know Stevie's signature, you would know that it was the REAL DEAL.

  3. No, no doubt it is real, BUT, then we are talking about it aren't we and maybe that is what they wanted...
    If they really think it is fake, I would jump at a chance to buy it at the adjusted price,,,,

    Some people just like to throw dirt..

  4. What a fucking douchebag.

  5. Stevie Nicks has to much class to to be dragged into such crap. she is all about giving back and does it in many ways. for this moron to question the validity of the poster has no idea what Stevie is even about and makes me wonder then why he bid on it at all