Friday, December 23, 2011

Stevie Nicks Included in 30 Underrated List

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Mick LaSalle today listed 30 people (so far) he thinks are underrated.... Here's what he had to say about Stevie.  Check out his full list HERE and contribute if you think he's left someone out >  (Lindsey Buckingham Guitarist/Chrstine McVie?). He's shooting for a list of 50-75 people.

"Stevie Nicks: When I was a teenager photos like the one above would make my jaw drop, and I'd just stare with devouring lust. Stevie Nicks looked like what everyone wanted their girlfriend to look like in 1976. But as a result of being so pretty, she was always written about as the lightweight of Fleetwood Mac. Lightweight? She was the best songwriter by far and put the others in the shade." 

By Mick LaSalle
San Francisco Chronicle 


  1. But Christine McVie had the best voice "by far and put the others in the shade."

    1. You may like Christine more. She isn't a better singer than Stevie or Lindsey. Its their harmonys that hugely contributes to Macs sound. Stevie Nicks is by far the bravest, best ssongwriter and vocalist in Mac. She is a true artist who took chances that paid off because she is more than her image and looks. She is a Legend and rightfully so.

  2. Stevie has always been underated for some reason. I just always figure you have to be intelligent to understand her work. Some people just can't go that deep. Carol W.

  3. I find both of the comments above beyond ridiculous when you consider that the three voices of Christine, Stevie and Lindsey made Fleetwood Mac one of the biggest rock 'n roll bands in contemporary music history. As far as Stevie Nick's goes, her current status as a productive and current living legend on so many different levels speaks volumes about her true significance in the vanguard of the Rock Aristocracy where she resides.

  4. Lets be honest here.. As long as Fleetwood Mac was around BEFORE Nicks & Buckingham joined, what kind of major success did they have??
    And to continue the honesty...Just who wrote their only #1 hit? Who continued to be the #1 draw with & without Lindsey and eventually Christine? Who has had the most successful solo career? Who of the group has shared more and touched more people or quietly helped more people starting out?
    Others may make more "noise", a bigger splash or sell more, but Nobody does it better, with more class, more heart, more drive and certainly not as HOT!! as Stevie Nicks....
    Under rated?? OMG YES!!!!
    And aren't we all really lucky that she really "Sings for the things money can't buy?"
    Thank You Stevie!!

  5. Oh and for the cynics out there......
    Yes she has made quite a bit of money doing it .. But hey.... she worked hard for it....

  6. Well said by many. Stevie is the most popular draw in the band, has the biggest star power,most fame, money and class of any female rock star that hasn't made a complete mockery of "pop" star. Let's face it. Who is left in her class that is still producing interesting worthwhile music and has maintained her enduring star power. Very few at age 63. She is First Class all the way.

  7. While I'd love to jump up and down at this glowing review of Stevie by the tough critic Mick LaSalle (okay, I jumped up and down just a little), Christine and Lindsey have never been chopped liver in the songwriting department, either! Let's face it, it's the symphony of the WHOLE BAND that creates that magic.

  8. I would love to see another FM tour soon , one that includes Christine!!

    What are the chances of that happening?

  9. I would love at least another Fleetwood Mac ALBUM that includes Christine! CHRISTINE, ARE YOU READING??? Jump on board!!! It's just not Fleetwood Mac without you.

  10. I recall a few weeks back when the Grammy nom's were announced & Stevie earned none. (Okay, I disagreed with the submissions too)
    Funny, she had one for TISL, which is a kick ass album, yet for this one nothing? This album, which I told her @ Amoeba, is so amazing, it's another Bella Donna? Ah well.
    I want Stevie to win a Grammy because she deserves it..she has earned it. NOT for publicity or increasing popularity purposes.
    At 63 she is more gorgeous, cultured, respected, admired and classy than the majority of the music world's little newbies, whom for the most part, can't write, dress as Hollywood Boulevard street walkers and won't have the staying power she has. She doesn't give the public what they want; she gives us what she wants. I guess that's the price we pay for being ultimate fans. Stevie's magnitude shines on other scales. :) She is 'the poet in our hearts', 'we sing for the things Grammys can't buy' her; she'll 'go on forever, she's that good'. I only pray she is as happy with what she has accomplished as we are, being her fans; her band-aids :) One of 30 underrated? How about one of 10? :)

  11. I agree with the above post. Stevie is an exceptional performer.

  12. The Grammys are not a measure of quality or craft - they are a marketing tool for the record industry to strengthen brands and move product. Art shouldn't compete for awards. But, I think Stevie is back on the drugs. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift...the hock their own perfume because their music stinks.
    Stevie should buy Linds and Chris their first gold solo albums, since neither has one.

  13. Last commment person, "you must be a little nuts" Stevie Has been clean since 1987 for sure from cocaine, and the was prescriped, although she wishes she hadn't listened to the Dr.!!! She has been total honest, with all her fans, she is a truth teller, but not to the point that she hurts people. In the last 10 years she visits wounded soldiers, and is always on the go. She is not a Steven Tyler. Name one situation that makes you think she is high... She takes care of her self these days and works harder than ever, Right Lily?

  14. Stevie will always be Queen, the others are here today and gone in a few years. No mystery, no magic. Stevie creates magic, besides being the best Poet I've ever heard in my time, her songs, lyrics, and of course her voice are no doubt the best of our century!!! She is loyal and humble. She referred to one of her houses as the house that Fleetwood Mac built. Nothing big headed about her. She has her insecure moments like everyone else, but shes tough, and will not show it! Lily, You are simply the choosen one, the best! and we all love you :) L.D.T.

  15. The talents of all the members of Fleetwood Mac made the band what it is. Any loss of any member of this band, or any band for that matter, the music changes. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I can't picture Fleetwood Mac without Stevie Nicks but the absence of any member of the group would be a loss. They are all good at what they do.

  16. Stevie Nicks is a very big star and an incredible talent. Thank God she lived through her addictions so everyone now knows how great an artist she really is. Underrated is putting mildly in my opinion.