Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Videos: Stevie Nicks in Minnesota, Mick spotted in Maui, Lindsey pic at USC

Stevie Nicks Live August 24, 2011
Prior Lake, MN (Mystic Lake Casino)
Photo by Adam's Travel Photography
Landslide | Leather and Lace

Gold Dust Woman (partial) | Love Is

Kristina Jacinth shared a photo on Tumblr of Lindsey Buckingham yesterday at USC during the Pop Music Forum he was a guest speaker at.  Lindsey performed Big Love and Never Going Back Again, spoke about the music business and participated in an audience Q&A - after which he met those in attendance for pictures and autographs.

Mick Fleetwood was spotted in Maui yesterday by Alex Gilmore and he captured and shared this photo on Twitter. Mick was shopping, it looks like, with some sort of an audio crew following him.  Not sure what that's about... 


  1. Mich should always wear a pony tail.

  2. meant to say Mick

  3. I was at Lindsey's forum at USC and recorded it.

  4. ^^ Anonymous #3 THANK YOU!!

  5. yes, Anonymous #3 - thank you soooooo much!! <3

  6. I was in Minnesota then, could have used a Stevie .. It was a bleak time. She is my soul sister <3

  7. Hi kel kel...Stevie is great isn't she. She always has given it her all:).... Hope times are sunnier for you now :).....I feel like she is my soul sister too.....All the best to you!