Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks Live in Orlando, FL Aug 3rd

Friday August 3, 2012
Orlando, FL - Amway Center

Tickets on Sale: Saturday, March 17, 2012 | 10am.
Ticket Prices: $45, $85, $145 | All tickets are subject to applicable taxes, service, handling and facility fee charges.

Buy Tickets: Tickets will be available at the Amway Center Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling 800.745.3000.


  1. Does Stevie do an edgewalk where she shakes peoples hands at any of her concerts with Rod? In particular the L.A. concert? I don't recall if she did it last year.

  2. What happened to the rest of the IYD tour? What happened to Stevie taking it round the world (her words)? Yet again her British and European fans have been short changed, it happened with TISL. All we got was half an hour of her in the summer with Rod, and it wasn't fantastic!!! So I guess we'll have to make do with another FM tour with no new material to promote sometime in the next 2 to 3 years. If I sound pissed off, you bet I am.

  3. Ian, I agree with every word you wrote. And the Rod-Stevie thing is exactly what I wasn't expecting. I knew Stevie would never come to Spain, but I thought we could see her in London, ParĂ­s or Berlin. And this time I won't spend more money to see a decaffeinated show. Yes, I'm pissed off too.

  4. yuck! Stevie had canceled opening night of the IYD tour when i was supposed to see her - was very disappointed not to get to hear the new stuff - no way am i sitting through Rod songs for a short set list that might contain 1 new more touring with Rod please!

  5. After thinking about this second tour with Rod Stewart for a couple days, I wonder if Stevie really understands how distasteful it is to so many of her fans? I, like others figure she wants to make large sums of cash, hopefully so she can tour on her own and since her solo tour last year did not sell all that well in many cities she perhaps thinks this is the best option to allow her to tour solo. I would prefer to simply see her perform in smaller venues if that is the case. I will not go to see her as the opening act for Rod.

    As as to her touring Europe, I never believed she would anyway. She has a history of promising world tours, but has only ever done Europe solo once, I believe. And sadly this also is most probably because she doesn't think it would be profitable enough.

    I know touring is much costlier than it used to be, but she certainly should be rich enough after 35 years of celebrity to afford to reward her lifelong fans who have paid to see her all these years with a more respectable way to tour than expecting us to pay to see her in sing a short set and then sit through a full Rod Stewart concert.

  6. Zanobbi, absolutely! I have been lucky to see Stevie live in Sydney,Las Vegas and the UK (89). However in the current financial climate I like many, cannot justify such expensive trips. I saw FM a couple of years ago in New York and later on in the year in London. I thought to myself, why have I paid over £200 a ticket to watch this band just play their back catalogue TWICE?
    If I was a Rod fan I'd go to one of his solo concerts, but I'm not. Somehow I cannot see IYD touring Europe either before the Rod-Stevie summer shows, or after, I thing the album will have run out of steam be then, if it hasn't already.

  7. Ian, like you I did FMac TWICE for the Unleashed Tour, NY (I could have met you there!) and Dublin, and I didn't care about the money then. And I went to NY again last summer to see Stevie (first time I saw her live), and I was HAPPY to spend the money. But I don't want to be part of this second class act and spend my money to see MY Stevie opening for Mr. Blondeshavemorefun.