Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cinedigm signs Dave Stewart to bring Documentary Films to the Big Screen

Cinedigm Plans Documentary Series With Eurythmics Star Dave Stewart 

Cinedigm has signed Grammy winning rock star and producer Dave Stewart to bring a series of documentary films to movie theaters in a regular, recurring time slot, the company said Thursday. 

The deal with Cinedigm emerged after he showed the company documentaries he had made about his collaborations with Nicks and Stone.

Each segment will focus on the songwriting process, and will culminate in a performance showcasing new songs.

The films will be produced by Stewart's Weapons of Mass Entertainment, with each installment in the "Dave Stewart Presents ..." series featuring Stewart and a variety of musical guests -- although the rock star is remaining mum about who will be in the line-up. 

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Really cool... Dave talked last year about wanting to screen Stevie's documentary, in particular, in movie houses...


  1. Just please get the damn documentary out already. Stevie has a history of waiting too long with things and she needs to get this out while it is still slightly relevant.

  2. I agree with Anonymous's comment - I see what other bands like Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters do that is special for their fans - doing limited edition posters, fan club members that get first dibs on the best seats at concerts, and selling live concerts and all kinds of unique things. I wish over the past few decades Stevie had management that could embrace that kind of marketing because she certainly has a hungry audience - we have been deprived! The good/sad thing is all of her demos that are out on YouTube are a fan's dream although I realize that is an artist's nightmare.

  3. The terrible career decisions of FLEETWOOD MAC have been going on constantly since the TANGO IN THE NIGHT era (who leaves a band with a massive hit to promote?) - the last period in which the band's music was automatically accepted by THE BIG MACHINE Lindsey's always talking about. Lost hits - Ooh My Love- Surrender the Rain - Say You Will (released AFTER Peacekeeper!) - and MANY OTHERS define this era. Getting this doc out so late - at a point that it cannot possibly help sales of IYD - is typical. Still I'l watch it, but I'm not that new audience every artist must constantly chase. This has nothing to do with my love of FM or Stevie- it's just that business and art don't always work in sych...

  4. I never understood why the band didn't cover Stevie on TANGO - why they didn't just over-rule her notion to include WELCOME TO THE ROOM and WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN. SEVEN WONDERS was obviously a hit, so they liked that. But why didn't they just lovingly nudge Stevie into doing a couple of her backlog songs rather than falling on her own lance with these awful songs? They were the result of her being sick, nothing else. And they're better than most people's songs on a good day - but jeez - good enough for a FLEETWOOD MAC album? No. Again - I blame the band, not Stevie - who was so fragile at this point. But, then again - maybe FM did her a favor by letting her fall on her face - she did wise up very soon. Not trying to fight, just riffing on my thoughts of the band....and how they created and almost destroyed Stevie and how Stevie created and almost destroyed them...

  5. Years later, I reached back to my Tango cd, for Seven Wonders naturally. I did not have an overly fond recollection of Welcome to the Room Sara or When I see you .....
    While not her best work-/ hey they all can't be Landslide. I enjoyed them much more than I previously had. Both songs dealing with her rehab experience in poetic and haunting ways. Lindsey singing the last verse of When I See... Is heartbreaking.
    " if I see u again, will it be the same. If I see u again will it be over..." the once love of his life and the thought of never seeing her again, at least not the Stevie he knew. His voice is wistful and contemplative. Yes there are a dozen too many 'babys' from her but it is a song of isolation and insecurity and anxiety.
    The music on Welcome enhances the Scarlett analogy. In the first verse u quickly realize she didn't enter rehab but was taken there. " this is a dream right? Deja vu. Did I come here on my own? Oh, I see.. ..
    Promising that she will be a changed person, but knowing it won't be easy. " ooh Missionary, I will be different when I get back and u can take all of the credit. U say everything is fine baby, but sometimes at night. Well the first cut is the deepest one of all.. "
    Imperfect? Flawed? Self indulgent? Yeah. But there see still moments where her genius shines thru. Even thru the pain. And as a Stevie fan, I am grateful to be on her journey, even when it sojourned into this painful period of her life. Her rehab was all over the news, I think ignoring it musically would have been a safe and easy choice to do. Although it would have been great to have Annabel Lee decades sooner, I think it would have been a mistake.