Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photos: Up All Night with Stevie Nicks

Another really great night of STEVIE on TV 
Idol was awesome.. But nothing will top the ending of Up All Night

Stevie Nicks made an appearance on Up All Night tonight. While Reagan frets over booking her childhood hero, Chris has trouble accepting his age and decides to play hockey with a younger crowd. Ava is given a puppy, but worries she is not a positive influence on the young pet. Amy is close to walking on her own, but Reagan struggles to let go. 

Here are some (not so great) screen caps from tonights episode that Stevie Guest Starred on. The ending of the episode was a dream sequence in which Christina Applegates character Reagan envisions herself singing Edge of Seventeen on stage with Stevie... Christina had Stevie's moves down!  Right down to wearing one of Stevie's vintage Margi Kent creations + the beige boots... Fun episode!  We got to hear "Sleeping Angel", Edge of Seventeen... and Maya and Stevie harmonizing on "Whenever I Call You Friend".  They sounded beautiful together... All were short clips of the songs but cool to hear... Sleeping Angel is a must hear, search it out!

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and watch the full Episode (US Residence Only) or here for Canada


  1. that was so much fun to watch! thanks for the pics

  2. Loved, loved, loved it!!! Except the bun... I don't think I've ever seen Stevie with a bun. I know she wore that bun like hair for "Sara" but this was more of a Snooki bun. Or is it a bump? Anyway, the show was excellent! :0)

  3. I have to say i enjoyed the bump....

  4. Wonderful show! Loved it. Hearing "Sleeping Angel" was fantastic, and Stevie's acting debut on a whole was great! Totally worth watching. :)

  5. Christina Applegate's time space travel into Edge was amazing and yes.,, totally ethereal. She should be soproud to have pulled it all off so well. She has the Nicks persomna down!! I wonder how many "takes" it took. I know they had a blast. Also the Stevie walkway scene in the recording studio was pure magic. It was all so well done. The writers and directors ai along GOT IT!!! Yes!!!!!

  6. Love, love, loved it too! I actually liked the bump, but I'm sure it was intended to make their height difference less apparent. So cool to hear a slight reverby remix of both songs, and to hear Stevie singing with Maya!

  7. So much fun to watch, she looked amazing, I really liked the hair too, but now that someone has mentioned Snookie, oh no, you're right, that is the dreaded Snookie do. But it's Stevie, and she rocked it. What a treat to watch, also watched her on Idol, she was so fantastic on there to those kids, I just love her!

  8. It's not a snookie bun, it's an Elvira bun. What a good episode. Someone has to tell Christina she needs new writers. That show is boring.

  9. Isn't the outfit Christina is wearing the same one Stevie is wearing in the photo included in the 1983 Wild Heart tour book where's she's sitting on the floor looking extremely tan (for Stevie) with Max perching on her finger?

  10. I have to go with Idol. Stevie rock it, but did anyone else think the show was just dreadful BS? I wanted to like it, but I ended up fast forwarding to Stevie because I couldn't stand the stupid drivel.

  11. Seen it all now..... Stevie channeling Snookie???
    But a Great Show!!
    Stevie Is just on a great roll...
    Possible Emmy nom here??

  12. Those photos should be resized to 800x600 (stretched-n-squished) to retain their actual dimension. The wide-screen setting distorted them and makes Stevie look like a short, wide, squatty midget.

  13. Stevie was amazing.

    but I agree...AWFUL sitcom. Pure shit!

    What's wrong with TV these days/America?

  14. She only had about 30 seconds of dialogue, but who knows, Emmy voters could show her some love.
    The use of the 3 SN songs was terrific, but honestly I don't think any acting laurels are headed her way for this episode- if they gave her more screen time, it could time.
    If there's a next time.

    Why do i think SN would jump at the chance to replace JenfLop on 'Idol' if Jen gets all greedy again at the end of the season? 7 million bucks for that 'Idol' crap show wasn't enough for her last year. She got her raise. Tyler loves it, and doesn't have to cough up furballs to hit the high notes on tour for his mega-paycheck. As much as I hate the show, I'd watch it to see SN every week and she can shoot the chat that these tv shows expect from the judges on the too-too-many 'make me a star' crap shows.

    Yet, if there's ever a 'Twirling With The Idol Voice Stars' competition show, SN will have a lock on being top judge.
    This decade long format of 3 judge competitive 'talent' shows just won't end; sing or dance for 2 minutes, talk about it for 5 minutes, get the wanker judges scores and the networks re-run highlights for a 2nd show paying no actors or real writers. Phone companies, already the crabs in the pubic hairs of the public, get richer from 'phone in' voting for who gets to stay on the cheesy shows. All these ''wanna-be-famous also-wankers'' on television.

    BAN cell phones for one day. A national "Cell Out'', like national no smoking day. The US needs a 'no cell phone day' once a WEEK to hurt these leach corporate parasites and lower rates and maybe let people enjoy their lives without the cell phones. $25 to buy a new charger for your cell you never needed 'til 10 years ago? Stay OFF the cell phone, drive better, be happy, you don't HAVE to be available 24/7, it's stress. Cost verizon, at&t and all the other wankers millions until consumers stop getting raped with the overcharging and our highways become safer.
    Oh wait, right, errr... yes, give Stevie an Emmy. Sorry! HI, M!