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Interview: Stevie Nicks - Thankful to her audience

Jones Beach: 
Stevie Nicks' 'Dreams' spot
Long-Island Newsday

Stevie Nicks is on a mission.

Though her album "In Your Dreams" (Warner Bros./Reprise) reached No. 6 when it was released last year and spawned two Top 25 hits on the adult contemporary charts, it hasn't made the kind of impact the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is used to. So Nicks is taking to the road again this summer -- kicking off her tour Friday at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater -- to bring the music to more people.

"I lost my mom in December," Nicks said, calling from her home in Los Angeles. "But one of the last things she said to me was: 'Don't you give up on this record. . . . You take 2012 and you go out and work this record because this record is your little masterpiece. Don't be swayed by everybody else. You do what you need to do to sing these songs.' She knew it was important to me."

You really are showcasing "In Your Dreams" on this tour.

No one puts six new songs in their set. You're taking a big chance that people are going to say, "Excuse me, what songs have you just taken out to put that song in?" But that didn't happen last tour, and we were able to do the important old songs and the new songs. I feel like it's really a gift that my audience has given me to allow me to do the new songs and not start complaining. . . . I feel really thankful for that. You feel creative. You feel like you're still a really creative artist.

That creativity is still on display in the new song "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)." What more could you possibly do for a hit today?

I know! [Laughs.] I'm trying to understand the music business today, and I'm trying to learn why it is that that's true. I'm not feeling quite so bad about it anymore because it's happening to everybody. It's not just me. . . . It's happening to everyone unless you're 20 and have a big hit single. Then, even if you are 20, you have to be nervous about that 19-year-old who's going to come up with a song that someone else wrote for them that's really great and wipe you off the map. It isn't good for the young kids and it isn't good for us, either.

So you have to do something else to get the word out about your new music.

Yes, and if you're me, you're lucky because you get to walk out on the stage and say, "This is not a Stevie Nicks' greatest hits tour. This is a tour promoting a record called 'In Your Dreams.' I'm giving it a second run because I believe in it that much, and I hope that you like them. And if you like them and you're a part of my little army, do me a favor and tell a friend." I get to do that. Most people don't get to do that. I feel like I'm really lucky, and I'm in a good place in the music business. My heart breaks for the younger artists -- because I know that there's another Fleetwood Mac out there, and I know that there's The Who out there, that there's a James Taylor out there, a Carole King out there. I know they're all out there, but . . . someone has to figure this out.

WHO Stevie Nicks
WHEN | WHERE 8 p.m. Friday, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh. (Also, 8 p.m. Monday, Beacon Theatre, 2124 Broadway, Manhattan)
INFO $20-$175; 800-745-3000, livenation.com


  1. Well said. I saw Stevie at Jones Beach last September and plan to see her at the Beacon Theater in 2 weeks. IN YOUR DREAMS is well written, produced and IMO features Stevie's best singing EVER!

    Glenn from the Bronx

  2. Look at that face, that amazingly beautiful face! Stevie, you are timeless and forever bautiful!

  3. change up the set list every once in awhile put in your dreams and cheaper then free back in and take out for what its worth or gold dust woman or anything else, no one wants to see the same show all the time, people go to lots of shows hoping for a song list change.

  4. I am glad Stevie will still be doing a lot of the new songs from IN YOUR DREAMS this summer. But I still also believe that Warner Bros. Records did a terrible job selling her CD. Annabel Lee would have made a great single, if it had been edited down to a 3 or 4 minute song. The Poe poem is a classic and Stevie turning it into a pop song would have gotten some publicity. Plus her melody for it is so wonderful. It sounds the most like a hit of any of the songs on her CD. In fact they released all the wrong songs, even Wide Sargasso Sea, Everybody Loves You and In Your Dreams would have made better singles than what was released. Warner's has messed up so many chances for hits that it's amazing. They screwed up the SAY YOU WILL singles, and really everything since THE DANCE.

    1. Sorceress67...Monson, ma27 June 2012 at 09:32

      I could not agree more!

  5. I have to disagree. I think the first to singles released had the most potential for being hits. Definitely the most commercial (I'm not saying they're very commercial, just the most commercial on the record). Although I like the song Annabel Lee, I can't hear it on the radio. Plus they would have to re-edit it and remove the "I lie down........" that is annoyingly repeated over and over at the end.

  6. Stevie, I see you're "paying your Illuminati dues" with the sunglasses.

  7. Illuminati dues? I think not. Stevie has said one of her eyes has a tendency to weep.

    I love it how determined and centered she is these days. And she's right about IN YOUR DREAMS. It's simply wonderful from beginning to end and it's better to promote something fresh and new than to rely solely on past achievements, as incredible as they were. As a member of Stevie's "army", I've played it for friends, given it out as a gift and posted videos on Facebook. I also agree that Warners screwed up SAY YOU WILL and could have done way better with IYD. Peacekeeper, Thrown Down, Say You Will, Steal Your Heart Away and maybe even Everybody Finds Out were all obvious hits. Although Secret Love is a good song, it wasn't the strongest choice for a first single. Moonlight or Italian Summer made much more sense, but then there's that issue of Stevie being unable to perform certain songs live because of her fear of the high notes, even though Waddy says the notes are there, but Stevie's nerves get in the way. For What it's Worth is great, but Warners didn't push it to country radio even though Landslide won Stevie an award as the best-selling country single of the year when the Dixie Chicks did it. They just don't seem to care...

  8. Tour is about to start release "In Your Dreams" as a new single. It will get airplay, it has that fun Tom Petty Vibe to it. What a great opener it would make as well. Rock on Stevie. We love you.
    I'd also like to see some Stevie solo classics come back in the set like "Talk to Me" and "Stop Draggin my Heart Around"...even "I can't Wait". Anyways the new stuff is great live especially Moonlight.

  9. I will see her at jones Beach, PNC and the Beacon!!!

  10. I want Stevie back at Red Rocks Colo!!! She rocked in 86 and 2011!!!

  11. OH BROTHER..... Stevie has been wearing these sunglasses since the 70's and they are ROCKER glasses. Give me a break. I wear them and I'm hardly part of the Illuminati. What a joke.

  12. Attention all Soldiers in Stevie's Army: It's likened to contacting your Congressman. People like Todd Moscowitz at Warners (wbr@b3custserv.com), Bob Pittman, Tom Poleman, Darren Davis and Wendy Goldberg at Clear Channel (212-549-0965) need to hear your thoughts on In Your Dreams content on the radio (in the marketplace). Radio is key in maximizing sales potential. "Play" it forward #myheart #track9IYD

  13. I agree that someone got the singles wrong - "In Your Dreams", "New Orleans", or even FWIW should have been the 1st single. Instead they released "Secret Love", while a decent album track, this song doesn't have a strong enough hook. The thinking behind releasing this track was most likely the narrative Stevie played up in the press, about the mystery of whom she wrote about back in her heyday! Meanwhile, Secret Love did not transfer well on stage or television performances! Instead she could have been talking about the NOW, and her new exciting creative collaboration with Dave Stewart if the catchy & rockin' "In Your Dreams" had been released, or bringing back social awareness about a large community rising beyond a difficult challenge had "New Orleans" been released! IYD was a great record filled with so many wonderful songs! The 1st single as always is the most crucial!

  14. "Everybody Loves You" would have been an excellent single!

  15. Bella Donna, The Tribute to Stevie Nicks decided last year to add songs from IYD. Against the advice of some of our agents,who said Tribute bands should stick to the biggest hits.
    We loved the record and added IYD and Secet Love the week the album came out.
    The response from hard core fans has been fantastic, and the response from causal fans has been one of interest in listening to more tracks off the album!
    So, we are doing OUR small part in helping to bring these brilliant songs to the small stage!!
    Stevie continues to inspire and motivate us to be the best we can be and honor her!!!

  16. I saw her last August at the Mystic Lake Amphitheater. Amazing show. I've seen Stevie many times on various tours but this was my first outdoor Stevie show. My only complaint about the setlist is the constant inclusion of "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon." I love these songs, I really do, but people were much more excited for "Leather and Lace," which was added back into her tour set last year. Fleetwood Mac is touring next year, so we'll "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman" live all next year. Bring back "Rooms on Fire" "Planets of the Universe" and throw in "Everybody Loves You." As for IYD singles ... "Moonlight," in my opinion, would have been the best choice for a lead single. And while I agree with "FWIW" as a second single, the third single should have been something like "Everybody Loves You" or "My Heart." "Secret Love" would have made a fine fourth single.

  17. Stevie you are INCREDIBLE and so is "In Your Dreams"! I have always believed in YOU and your music! <3 <3 <3 :)

  18. so funny how everyone is saying the record company got it wrong in its choice of singles to release, and then you all name different songs for your choices.....proving it's not so obvious what will be a hit with the masses...LOVE ANYTHING new put our by Stevie or FM....waiting to see her again - but where are the west coast dates?????

  19. conversely, regardless of the alternative songs named, there's pretty much a consensus opinion that SECRET LOVE was not the best choice for a lead single....

  20. I totally agree that Annabel Lee is the best track on the album:) Let's hope she does a nice switch up on the set list this time around, but I'm not holding my breath.....

  21. Set lust from not an infallible souse... source
    1. In Your Dreams
    2. Dreams
    3. Talk To Me
    4. Lady From The Mountain- uh Moonlight
    5. Candlebright (!!)
    6. I Can't Wait
    7. (to sing) Landslide
    8. Stand Back, where it belongs
    9. Annabelle Lee
    10. Wide Sargasso Sea
    11. Beauty And The Beast
    12. It's So Easy
    13. You May Be The One
    14. Edge of Seventeen
    15. Italian Summer

    Mick's management requested that SN sing as little as possible of Mac material to maximize impact next year when Mac tours- she won't budge on 'Dreams' or 'Landslide' but decided she will leave 'Rhiannon' and 'Gold Dust Woman' benched until 2013. IF only! I hope it's so. Word is that Mick Fleetwood will be at Jones Beach. May come onstage for 'Edge'/ 'Edge walk' to be phased out after first few shows, if he hasn't seen too many Mac songs. See yews dere.

    1. Really? Mick tries to tell Stevie which songs she can perform on her solo tours? What a control freak!

  22. Time to get In your Dreams(single) HEARD ON THE RADIO..It is a great song to cruise along to in the summer especially. It would be a hit. Hope to see more Stevie solo songs in her set like Talk to Me, Stop Draggin my heart around, rooms etc. Leave a few mac tunes,,dreams, gdw and rhiannon. Rock on Stevie!

  23. I Love the song and title track IN YOUR DREAMS..bouncy melody..WHY didn't they release this one FIRST????

  24. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I would love for that to be the set list!!

  25. Don't get me started on Mick. I am the meanie who writes mean things about Mick. I just couldn't get over those disses he said in that stupid, shouldn't-have-done-it Playboy article. I can't believe he has the audacity to tell Stevie what she should sing - and, more importantly - that she would listen to him. I guess Stevie and Lindsey signed their name in blood when they joined FM, and that Mick is Dr. Faustus.

  26. OMG!! If that is true, Mick Fleetwood, Kiss My VLA!! I was hoping what he said about the Mac not touring next year was true, I want a REAL Buckingham Nicks Reunion TOUR!! Sorry, but I wouldn't pay to see yet another Golden Oldies Mac tour just to make Mick Fleetwood solvent again.
    Nobody goes to see Mick anyway. They go to see Stevie and Lindsey. And he knows that. Gawd, I hope Stevie changes her mind about FM. But that lady has too much class.. Take a lesson Fleetwood you CAD!!!!

  27. when I said that about the Mick side of the MAC I did NOT mean it about John McVie. He is such a sweetheart. Fleetwood eat dirt!!

  28. Easy, please! NOT Mick. Nobody ever wrote Mick. MANAGEMENT, tour promoters, career strategists working for a band in their mid 60s- in case you haven't read, opening night for SN at Jones Beach is heavily papered, discounted and giveaways. Stevie's the best and the turnout will be fine.

    But Mick's no villain, here, at all. The 2013 FMac tour can maybe be huge in a way these solo tours just aren't looking likely to be. HE realizes the aging of the audience and of themselves as performers. It stultifies SN's solo career not to do a solo set- it's why she's not in the rock and roll hall of fame, as of yet. Each tour since forever, her sets rely on a quarter or a third of her solo set being Fleetwood Mac songs. Her tours, her choices. And Nicks always does a good show. But a solo tour done as a retrospective of her work apart from Fleetwood Mac is the way to get in the hall of fame as a solo artist.

    Mick and management seeking the best tour promoters and deals know that SN fans see her solo and with the band, and want fans to hear the Fleetwood Mac songs next year. Smart and reasonable request. She'll still keep some in the set, because she just doesn't see the bigger picture. She's 64, and the time is now to secure her place in music history as someone capable of doing a solo show without songs she'll sing on the next Mac tour. Cutting 'Rhiannon' and GDW- if it happens will be so smart. And returning 'Landslde' to FMac would be great. Oh, no Stevie concert can't have Dreams or Landslide. But she's an artist.
    She could, she doesn't want to.

    It will be a great SN tour nonetheless, so don't get me wrong. But Stevie WON'T be releasing rock albums in 10 years, and it's time she does her solo career proud, makes a distinction of why she is a solo act worthy of being awarded for her solo career by delving into deep album cuts, like 'Wild Heart' or really anything from her solo albums. PLEASE for once in her life, leave FMac songs for FMac tours. It's up to her, but it's her only way into the Hall as a solo act. For certain.
    Also, it will give her audiences a break from the too-sung stuff. We'll hear it next year Mick's management, not Mick, is SPOT ON.

    Have a great opening night EVERYONE and best always to Stevie, Mick, John and Lindsey.

  29. I have to be very honest here. Would I use my rent money to go see Stevie Nicks be Stevie Nicks and sing whatever she wanted to? YES! Would I use my last dime to pay and go see Buckingham Nicks be and sing Buckingham Nicks? YES. Will I spend another penny to see Fleetwood Mac in yet another golden oldie concert tour. NO!
    I have no doubt whatever the set-list, it will be a glorious show and tour. It is after-all Stevie Nicks in concert, what else could it be?

  30. The band's management should take these comments seriously. After all, we're the hardcore fans. There's a recession/depression on and everyone's being extra careful what they spend money on. It has to be special.