Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photos: Stevie Nicks Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

JUNE 30, 2012

The show just finished in Holmdel and by all accounts, everything remained intact from opening night.  No changes to the setlist - the show opened with Rock & Roll.  From a band positioning perspective, it looks like Bass player Al Ortiz has re-positioned himself next to the piano on the piano riser right behind Carlos Rios.  Maybe someone can confirm whether or not he was there last night. From looking at some of the videos, it doesn't look like it. As for Stevie herself she only went half white for Edge of Seventeen keeping the layered black dress on with the white top.

A lot of really cool shots came through Twitter from the show most notably from uber fan Jeannie Kartis.  She kept it up all night sending a shot through for every tune until her phone battery died... But in the mean time she captured some really spectacular colourful shots.. Here's a number of them.

Check out Jeannie's feed on Twitter for more @jeannie_Kartis. Thank you Jeannie!... Taking and sending out photos to the world takes you away from your show experience, but we really appreciate you doing it!

Here's Annabel Lee from last nights show at Jones Beach


  1. he was there last night

  2. I have seen Stevie enough times live and many times on video to tell that something is bothering her. She is not completely there in these last two concerts. She is either under the weather or it is a matter of the heart. Don't know, but she does look thinner and prettier. Hang in there Stevie, whatever it is, I know you are doing your best.

  3. I've seen her 8 times, and I thought she was on fire on Friday night. Definitely one her best shows!

  4. Not only does it look like Stevie has lost some more weight, but look at her face: I do believe our beauty has finally had a face lift. She used to say she never would, and it looks like she only had a little done, and had a great plastic surgeon. But her face looks ten years younger this year. She said after her mother passed away she stayed home, I do think she had a little work done, and thankfully it was done very well.

  5. And she's wearing her classic chiffon hankerchief hemline skirt again, instead of that horrible petticoat one she's worn for the last few years. This looks so much better on her. Hope she keeps wearing this one.

  6. Looks like the bustier she wears is also either a brace or a girdle.
    From her movements. I would say probably some soft of back support.
    Also,, she does not look well,to me in most of the pictures.

  7. I was there at both Jones and PNC. She CLEARLY did not have a facelift. Certain angles and certain light exposures work very well for her. But when they don't, you can clearly see that things are pretty much the way they have been, particularly in the jowl/jaw area. She is still a gorgeous woman; but the passage of time is also still very much present.