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Lindsey Buckingham: Driving musical force behind real-life soap opera that was Fleetwood Mac

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Given the circumstances of his defining era – as driving musical force behind the real-life soap opera that was Fleetwood Mac in the mid-1970s – you might not expect Lindsey Buckingham to age well. And yet he has. Now 62, he has maintained an idiosyncratic pop sense and guitar style still capable of surprises, as shown by the elegantly atmospheric trance-pop on last year’s “Seeds We Sow.” Thursday brings him to the homey confines of the 355-seat Carrboro ArtsCenter, an unusual opportunity to see a performer of his stature in a small venue. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $46-$54; or (gulp) $250, which includes a post-show meet-and-greet with Buckingham. See artscenterlive.org for details.

Buckingham plays Capitol Theatre
Fleetwood Mac’s veteran guitarist is touring in support of ‘Seeds We Sow’

CLEARWATER – Touring in support of his sixth solo album, Lindsey Buckingham takes the stage Monday, Aug. 6, 8 p.m., at Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St. Tickets start at $59. Call 791-7400.  The legendary guitarist, singer/songwriter, Grammy winner, producer and Rock And Roll Hall of Fame member released “Seeds We Sow” in September 2011.

Lindsey Buckingham Live in Charlotte, NC Tonight! 
It must be a bitch being Fleetwood Mac svengali Lindsey Buckingham. Like his idol and fellow pop perfectionist Brian Wilson, he must live up to his musical legacy. In Buckingham’s case, he domineeringly directed the Mighty Mac to towering commercial and creative success. At the same time, Buckingham must live down his personal legend — the obsessive coke-blown genius and abusive demon lover to Stevie Nick’s gossamer faerie queen. The evidence suggests the two cannot be separated. After all, Buckingham’s fidgety, Peruvian-powdered fingerprints are all over Mac’s diffuse and difficult masterpiece Tusk. The guitarist seems to have accepted this. He’s on board for Mac’s 2013 tour, while solo he’s mellowed and matured, reflecting a man at peace with his place in the pop firmament. True, his simple, emotionally resonant lyrics have grown more opaque and self-consciously poetic, but his inventively arranged pop 'n’ roll and baroque folk still engage while getting under the skin. It’s the mark of a master that he makes it all look easy. 

My top 10 August concerts: Lindsey Buckingham #1
Lindsey Buckingham: His guitar work – superb. His songs – creative, classic. Whether Buckingham is in Fleetwood Mac mode, or offering solo gems such as tunes from 2011′s wonderful Seeds We Sow, this should be a primo concert experience. Aug. 23 at 8:30 p.m. at the McKinney Performing Arts Center in McKinney. $45-$55. mckinneytexas.org/mpacdefault.aspx. ** SOLD OUT **

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