Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael Shelley Interview with Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Ken Caillat! on WFMU [Podcast]

Michael Shelley Radio Show 
July 14, 2012 - WFMU 91.1 FM
Interview with Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Ken Caillat!

Michael Shelley's playlist, including the interview, includes the Fleetwood mac tunes listed below, most of which can only be found on the reissued and remastered Rumours and Tusk double CD's that were released in 2004.  Re-listen to the show HERE.

4 or 5 Left Over Christine McVie Solo Tunes from
 In The Meantime
A REALLY interesting portion of the interview is when Michael Shelley mentions Fleetwood Mac getting back together in 2013 and asks Ken if they will make a new album and if they were would he be interested in being a part of that.. Ken said, yes he would and that he called Mick Fleetwood, then Ken backed-up abit and said he was talking to Christine a few months ago, she called him to say she enjoyed his book and how he portrayed her in it and that it put passion back in the music for her.  Ken said he then asked Christine why she wasn't playing anymore and she said she gets bored, her hands play the same things etc.  He then went on to tell Michael that he produced Christine's last solo album (In The Meantime) back in 2005 and that he still has the tracks from that, and that there are 4 or 5 tracks off the album that were never used... So when he was talking to Mick, Ken suggested that the band replace the parts on the tracks with Bass parts by John, Guitar by Lindsey and Drums with Mick... and get Stevie and Lindsey on the background tracks... and that would be the first Fleetwood Mac group song(s)!  Christine would love to do it said Ken... Mick said it was a good idea, but the problem is getting everyone to agree to it, and Ken just left it at that...

How exciting would that be??  This is the perfect solution as far as I'm concerned... I've always thought that if Fleetwood Mac were to record again, there's no reason why Christine couldn't participate in the album. SOMEONE... make this happen!!!

These are the tracks featured in the interview:
Fleetwood Mac Second Hand News (rough mix version)
Fleetwood Mac Think About Me (rough mix)
Fleetwood Mac Blue Letter
Fleetwood Mac Cant Walk Out Of Here (rough version of The Ledge)
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop (rough mix version)
Fleetwood Mac You Make Loving Fun (rough mix)
Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way (rough mix)

"Making Rumours" is available, among other places, on AMAZON and visit Rumours The Book on Facebook or the website makingrumours


  1. This sounds too good to be true. All of us hard core FM fans want this more than anything, just one more time with Christine, there in the studios for a new album. Then come out on tour one more time. Someone pinch me is this really true that there is a possibility.Please Please Please just one more time!!!

  2. Christine offered to be on SAY YOU WILL but refused to tour, which the band perhaps rightfully thought an untenable idea. Would love another Fab 5 FM album, but I honestly don't think it's gonna happen, as much as I'd love it....Plus, Ken may be talking to Mick right now, but it's hard to believe he's not on Lindsey's shit-list after all the nasty things he's said in promoting the book.

  3. Minor correction - IN THE MEANTIME was actually released in 2004.

  4. this sounds like a dream, but unfortunately with the way FM works, it will only be a dream. This is what the fans want but I doubt Lindsey or Stevie would go for it, especially if they can't do the new songs live on the tour.

  5. Seriously I don't care if Christine tours or not. She must do what makes her happy and the tour will be a success either way. But omg the prospect of her making new music with Stevie and Lindsey is just too good to be true. It will move over a million records on this alone and that can never be a bad thing.

  6. Yes, yes, have Christine's songs on the Mac cd for it to sell well. As for touring, SN never sings her best material from solo or Mac cds when she tours. LinBu, too, also has missed some choice material that he's never performed live. There's no excuse not to have Christine's songs on the cd, let's say they are great songs, well, they wouldn't be sung on tour then! LinBu seems to be the one who in the past doesn't seem open to Christine returning, but we'll see. Git her back, Mick- the cd needs her, and it will make it go a lot faster in the studio with those tracks and bring out competitive in a good way material from SN.

    Thread below doesn't have comment option- re:Elizabeth Blackney article:

    Blackney is so full of sh*t! I mean it's terrific press- uh- Huffington Post- ok, call it press- for Stevie, but Blackney goes off on so many bizarre tangents and doesn't tie them in with any significant commentary about the music of Stevie Nicks, that it's all just a lot of bullsh*t!
    Nice try and ambitious bullsh*t, but bullsh*t, none the less.

  7. If you actually read Ken's book, he is DIPLOMATIC TO THE EXTREME regarding the band!

  8. I read and loved Kens book, but I do think Lindsey might not appreciate the portrayal of him as unpredictable and at times violent, even though it seems to be past behavior. Who knows...we shall see

  9. :)
    seems so much younger than 64 Setvie, and 65 Mick.
    The youngest do seem to have more tantrums, too

  10. Reading this literally gave me goosebumps... The thought of having Christine on a new Mac album is just amazing!! If Chris is bored with playing the same thing - make new music!

    I seriously hope Ken and Mick push the idea of using Christine's unreleased material. Who knows, if they do, Chris may even join them in the studio to 'tweak' the tracks and add to any other new tracks... She's afraid of performing live I know, but surely she could just be a studio member of the band.

    Come on Mick, get her back! Love you Christine!

  11. Let's calm down for a second. This isn't the first time Ken has posited the idea of using 8-year old tracks of Christine's on a "new" FM album. Christine is still very much retired. This was a Ken-to-Mick "what if?" conversation, not a full-on band discussion as far as we know. And there's no indication that it's moving forward. I understand the excitement, but let's not get our hopes up based on a couple of offhand comments from someone who's not in the band and is no longer involved in its career - or likely to be ever again.

  12. "If you actually read Ken's book, he is DIPLOMATIC TO THE EXTREME regarding the band!" - Who this? Ken's wife? Regardless of what's in the book, Ken implied that the band cares for no one but themselves and should be shamed for Judy Wong's sordid death. That's pretty harsh, hurtful crap to blame someone for. Of course he never volunteered why he himself - brilliant, successful, music producer he always reminds you that he it=s - didn't "save" her himself. That's where Ken crossed the line. Not so much in terms of Lindsey attempting to strangle him, but by implying that the members of FM are cold, selfish, uncaring people who use people up and toss then aside. Very mean and pompous. If I were them, I wouldn't work with him again...EVER!!!!

  13. Just as bad, if not worse, Ken said that Lindsey doesn't pay his people - an explosive charge to level against an A-List artist. He said Lindsey didn't pay Ray LIndsey for 2 years and that Ray came to him a broken wreck complaining to him how Lindsey ruined his life. Granted, he didn't say this to Lindsey himself, but to an interviewer while pushing his book!!! The guy is crass in the extreme, and he's burned his bridges. If there is a new FM record, KC will have nothing to do with it.....

  14. I would absolutely love it if Christine would do songs on a new album,and I would love her to tour and perform old and new stuff as well. I personally would understand if she only wanted to contribute to the album and not even tour as has been hinted at. It would obviously be a better overall show with her in it how could anyone argue with that.But I am sure that I am in the vast minority ,and it would not make much sense to anybody that is not a diehard fan,and thus would cause more harm than good to the overall FM brand.Also I am sure that the press and some critics that do not seem to care about them anymore would have a field day with Christine's absence; and somehow try to blame it all on the rest of the band mainly Lindsey,and Stevie!!!!I know this because I have had this discussion before with someone that didn't like the idea of Christine not being with them in 2003-2004 and tried to somehow say it wasn't FLEETWOOD MAC without her and blamed it on the rest of the band.But he was more than willing to go along with in my opinion the EAGLES crappy firing of Don Felder and said that he was just an above average guitar player and it was still the quintessential Eagles on stage,he got fired, but she quit right in the middle of what could have become possibly the biggest tour ever!!!! (big difference) I totally do not hold it against her at all, she has the right to not tour if she does not feel like doing so; but I sure don't blame the rest of the band for it either(like some have and would again)!!!!!And as for KC I just see him as trying to worm a way back in with the band;but I don't think I would deal with him after all the things he has said about them if it was me!!!!!