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Rod Stewart And Stevie Nicks Live in Nashville 
The Bridgestone Arena - July 24, 2012
17 beautiful shots of Rod and Stevie last night in Nashville.
Photo By Kate Cauthen, via American Songwriter
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Rod Stewart And Stevie Nicks Turn Back The Clock In Nashville
By Evan Schlansky

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart did not duet during their double bill last night, as they’ve done frequently on their joint Heart and Soul tour. Nick’s voice was bothering her, she said, which was probably the reason why (unless they’re sick of each other by now).

Still, they made the perfect pair; Nicks’ classic rock radio-ready sound and hippie ethos combined perfectly with Stewart’s cavalcade of hits, for a night of sheer sing-along goodness and rock and roll bliss.

Rock and Roll
Secret Love
Gold Dust Woman
Stand Back
Soldier’s Angel
For What It’s Worth
Edge of Seventeen

"Moonlight" was out again last night, plus Stevie and Rod didn't perform their duets during Rods set.

Most of Landslide
This video is from the beginning... 

The second Landslide Video captures the ending
Stevie at the end is pretty emotional.  She was emotional going into the song... Her throat is still giving her some issues and she's likely relieved she made it through the show + she received a really warm response from Nashville... Stevie mentions Bob Welch's passing at the end of her Thank You's.


  1. Still no MOONLIGHT or duets, darn!

  2. There's trouble. For the first time in this road pairing, Rod didn't introduce Stevie, and she couldn't wait half an hour for her plane out of the arena- come on.

    He knew she wasn't going to sing during his set, so he didn't introduce her as he has at every other show. Her voice is bothering her, but there is bewitchment, bewilderment and botherment between them- it may be over his 'L&L' indifference, or she may just be tired- she had a good amount of solo dates before the pairing this time, so maybe she got used to not being 'not the headliner'- last year, she toured with Rod first, then did her solo tour. This year, her solo tour seems to have affected both her voice and the dynamic between she and Rod- there's no ''gentlemanly thing to do'' suddenly- he didn't introduce her to the Nashville crowd and she's on a plane out of there before or within 20 minutes of his set starting- he violated his agreement to introduce her, and she violated her agreement to sing during his set- a cold chill between them is the only way to interpret this. The 'get me out of here now' flight may have been for her to get to an LA throat doctor she favors, in the middle of the night, or likelier to consult with her management and/or attorney.
    Something's up. Oh, yes it is. And we'll find out soon!

  3. That 'Landslide' was great with no evidence of throat problems in either her singing or speaking voice. She sounded FINE. She wants off the tour.

  4. Here is her out- Rod breached professional conduct by botching the lyrics to 'L&L' and essentially ridiculing 'take from me my lace' by pantomiming removing panties. Panties, love that word. Ya don't get away with that with Stevie Nicks, Old Turk! She complained, said she wouldn't stand for his refusal to commit to the song, he ignored contact with her mostly, and he said 'fine, let's not sing together' and then didn't introduce her at the next show. A headliner's spat with a songwriter serious about her songs that she wrote being performed with respect. Azoff will either find a replacement for her, or assure that he will bankroll the Italy video she wants made for 'IS' for her to continue the tour. The flight from Nashville was a power play, and she will come out of it fine. The strain- not on her voice- was showing as she left the stage. She's hurt and angry at Rod and wants it fixed by getting her way about the video being filmed in Italy, Azoff, being her manager and getting a his take from each 'Heart and Soul' show may want to indulge her wish, for his percentage, and because also he likes her.

    I think she wants more 'In Your Dreams' push from management and label and will get it to continue the tour with Rod, because Fleetwood Mac is just around the corner. She's working her angles- Rod isn't exactly scared, but she has legal reason that he breached his agreements with her. I think we'll see the documentary get a release date this week, or she will be given the green light in writing for a single with the Italy video. She wants a big, final last push for the cd and if Stevie doesn't get it, she'll leave the tour. For what it's worth.

  5. We're seeing the show in DC on Friday - can someone confirm how long you waited for it to actually start? Was there an opening act? Thanks!

  6. ^comments #2 and #4. Are you speculating, or do you for sure know she high tailed it out of Nashville on her jet? I have a lot of friends who work on the road, no one on this tour, but I asked around this morning to keep and ear out for news from grapevine out east. With regards to her remaining dates with Rod, THERE ARE ONLY 10. This is NOTHING. She's not going to bail or raise a stink about these no matter the animosity b/w them. The insurance fees in relation to time and aggravation are not worth the penalties for ten measly dates. She'll soldier on unless she conveniently ends up with a REALLY MESSED UP VOICE.

    My sense is this is part annoyance with Rod--given she's an rehearse and roll professional--coupled with her latest vocal problems.

  7. What a bunch of crap. This whole co-touring is purely business and nothing more. Stevie is just as big a star as Stewart both solo and with FM. Neither is foolish enough to stoop to the low class behavior of today's so called music stars which by the way won't have careers or even be remembered in 10 years. Stevie and Rod have been around for 40 + years and are far more relevant today then most of the junk that gets played today.

  8. This post is full of drama queen bill. Stewart and Nicks ate pros. They will fulfill their obligations. Hopefully she wont waste our time doing another leg with him. If they weren't money whores this show would have never started. Neither needs each other. It's all promotor packaging $$$.

  9. I work at the private terminal at the Nashville airport and Stevie did not leave before Rod. That's all I can say without getting into trouble.

  10. ^exactly what I thought. What up with the BS 2 and 4?

  11. LOL gotta love the people who have so much time on their hands they come up with these conspiracy theories about why she left. Maybe she left because she WASN'T feeling well or she had a personal engagement to get to? What is this nonsense about Italian Summer video? Where do you people come up with these ideas and information? These 2 performers are professionals, Stevie knows Rod is a big goof, and she would not have agreed to go on tour with him again this summer unless there was some big $$$$$$ involved.

  12. I wish I understood what everyone is talking about. I am really just hoping the FtLauderdale Fl. date happens this time!

  13. SN has stated twice that she wants to go to Italy to do the video for 'Italian Summer', it's even on this site, in the 'Good Day New York' video interview, and in a print interview. She even alluded to 'if nobody makes it happen, i will have to get it done myself'

    I read that she left Nashville immediately after her set, here, and wasn't in the arena when Rod hit the stage. An emergency flight while she supposedly is going to be on stage with him? She wanted concessions from her management about the 'L&L' fiasco- concession being help pay for the "IS' summer or get the documentary a release date- she's doing this tour with a man who called her old, pretended he was removing lace underwear while she was singing, and messed up his performance of the song. So, there's 10 dates left, and she wants some bonus from Azoff for her pain and suffering. No emergency leaving of the stadium, when she was supposed to be on stage during 2 songs in the first 20 minutes of his set would happen if she was happy. So, she left the stadium after her set, after he hadn't introduced her-- and there's no trouble at all??

    ^^ 2 above: " lol"-ing and ''gotta love,,, ''time on their hands- conspiracy theories''- and calling the 'Italian Summer' video she herself has stated she wants to do in Italy ''nonsense'' is uninformed and not kind. But, that's fine. She left the stadium for no reason when she was supposed to be on stage, that's fine too for all you to think. Yes, I am "BS 2 and 4''-- another kind reference. Well, it should all be revealed within a week- an 'airline terminal' employee is credible-- she was OUT of the Nashville arena before Rod took the stage. I stand by my 'nonsense' and 'BS'--
    oh, and personally, i think it's decadent and unnecessary to fly to Italy to film 'Italian Summer' but that is what Nicks wants, along with backing for her dvd release before the Fleetwood Mac work next year, from which Azoff also will benefit, greatly. She's working the angles and used the Rod spat to try to get the docu and IS projects firmed up. That's all.

  14. FYI, to the laughing out-louder- a ''conspiracy'' would involve a good number of people, so know what a conspiracy theory is. This was just about Stevie consulting her money man/men, whom she makes money for- Rod hardly conspired with Stevie, so dismissing my informed info as a 'conspiracy theory' doesn't even make sense.

  15. I wrote the post above about working at the Nashville Airport, and I saw Stevie and Rod get on the same private plane at 11:20PM after their show. They wery very happy together and had their road managers and assistants with them. There did not seem to be any problems between them. They flew to DC on a small jet while both of their bands left on tour buses. I think all this talk about trouble in just speculation and none of it is true.

  16. Yes, lets all hope this talk of trouble is just "talk". As the above poster mentions I too really pray the Fort Lauderdale show is a go this year!

  17. @ Anonymous (the crazy one with the theories), are you ok or are you just completely mad? Your theories sound like that of a mad man/woman.

  18. Stevie said she wanted the ppl of italy to hear her sing italian summer and that she would stand on the corner in a red dress and sing it...she already made a video of it..and she was half joking when she said that...conspiracy person please take your meds

  19. WOW what a trip to read all of these comments. Hope Stevie is feeling well, and the tour continues with no Drama. There is plenty posted on these online sites, to cover that. LOL.

  20. Drama queen bull! LOL, I'd say so. False info doesn't help any fan!