Monday, July 16, 2012

Photos: Stevie Nicks The Borgata, Atlantic City July 15th

Stevie Nicks played to a sold-out Borgata event center last night.

Stevie apologized for having to cancel last years show in Atlantic City due to illness, then went on to explain that this wasn't a greatest hits tour but a showcase of her newer material from her last album. The faithful responded with thunderous applause of approval.  Ghosts Are Gone and Love Is were omitted from the show.... Landslide was the encore performance... Stevie's taking it easy on her voice.  She has a 4 day break before opening night with Rod Stewart in Cleveland....
Photo Gallery:  Photos by Marc Berman


  1. Just saw Stevie at Mohegan Sun. Her voice was great but, I can understand the strain it must be under. Along with all of the different weather conditions and atmospheres she performs in. VERY understandable that she may need to keep that unique sound safe! Rock on my Queen! Your little army will always be there to see you and hear you! Take care!

  2. Saw Stevie at the Borgata on Sunday. What an inspirational evening. Her honesty and how she shares her process in addition to her signature voice and style made this more than a concert. it was a connection.