Thursday, August 09, 2012

Review | Photos by Danielle Boise LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Live in Atlanta

No introductions are needed when discussing Lindsey Buckingham; his epic career in Fleetwood Mac to his prolific solo career precedes him.

Review and photos by Danielle Boise

If you haven’t heard of him in the last 30 plus years, then you’ve obviously been living under a rock and seriously are missing out on one of the greatest singer-song writers and overall musicians of our time and must be severely punished for this oversight in judgment.

Lindsey Buckingham quietly took the stage in a manner befitting only rock royalty, shrouded in a moody ambiance, with one spotlight and red light leaking around the corners at Center Stage for his nearly sold out Atlanta stop on July 28.  Yet, he was humbled by the fans that poured into the venue to see his solo performance–and believe me it was truly a solo performance. Only Buckingham and his guitar entertained the crowd of fans.

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