Monday, September 03, 2012

Having February, 2010 Flash Backs Dave Stewart & Stevie Nicks

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Check out this Twitter interaction that took place within the last 24 hours between @StandbackLiza @Davestewart & @PillarsOfColour.

Very interesting to say the least!  Reminds me of late February, 2010 when Dave first Tweeted that he had written a great song with Stevie - "Everybody Loves You"... 

Who wants to take a stab at what's being worked on?


  1. New fleetwood mac music?

  2. @Sara Werner
    Looks like Stevie and Dave may be making songs to add to the songs Lindsey, Mick and John were working on earlier this year.. Who knows, there may well be a new FM album released before the world tour in March!!

    OR!! Stevie's working on a follow-up album to In Your Dreams.. Either way, this is VERY exciting news!

  3. Here's hoping it is another SOLO album. She has already given up too much to Fleetwood Mac. 2013 should be all about Buckingham Nicks celebrating NOT about filling Mick Fleetwood's pockets yet again!!!!

  4. don't think its solo work but very excited to say the least. 4 you fleetwood mac hater on new music from them. just one thing then don,t buy it or go to any shows then. more room for me to get to see them. can't be that big of a fan if u r not on board with it.

  5. just when all is starting to suck in this wonderful country of ours, the MAC IS BACK.

    I have a feeling 2013 will be better in more ways than one!!!

    My guess is music related to Stevie's mom.

  6. maybe she/fm is doing an EP?

  7. Stevie did say she wanted to release an album this summer dedicated to her mother!