Monday, September 24, 2012

Stevie Nicks Live in St. Petersburg, with Oprah Film Crew in tow!

Couldn't resist posting these two live shots that @GigiGanatra posted on Twitter.. Simply amazing especially this first one!  Great capture during Rhiannon of Stevie tonight in St. Petersburg at The Mahaffey Theater.

It looks like fans were treated with the full on setlist tonight (minus "Ghosts Are Gone") which based on the photo below doesn't look like it made it tonight!  Another change up tonight, is the dress and boots!  Stevie's back to the layered (I don't know what you call it) type of dress, switching out of the frilly ruffled one. And those boots look a little different in the heel..thinner and higher. 

Thanks to @FleurDeBrie for taking a snapshot of the setlist! and to @GigiGanatra for the two stunning shots!  And to @dreamsunwind725 for the disclaimer.

OWN NETWORK Rumour Update:
A few days ago printed online that Oprah's Own Network were rumoured to be coming to the show tonight to film segments of the show for an upcoming project for the OWN Network... Well according to @dreamsunwind725 on Twitter there definitely was a camera crew at the show tonight filming.  Brittany said:

"two cameramen were out tonight & there was a disclaimer on the door that the concert was taped for television purposes." 

She went on to say that,

"most of the show was taped from the front few rows & side of stage. Everytime Stevie walked out camera followed."  

So this is pretty cool, exciting and something new to look forward to!... Whatever Oprah and her Team put together on Stevie I'm sure it'll be amazing and classy and I look forward to seeing it!

@SteviesSara reminded me of the original Tweet that got this whole ball rolling with the OWN Network with this ReTweet from OWN President Sheri Salata:

RT @SheriSalata: @SteviesSara hoping to shoot the brilliant and legendary Ms. Nicks on masterclass soon.

Thanks to everyone tonight for the info and pics tonight...  Next stop St. Augustine tomorrow night.  Just a few tickets left here.


  1. The show tonight was great. Stevie was very sincere and even more long winded in some of her stories than I have ever heard her at other shows. So glad the "Greatest Hits" era is over and there's all these new songs in the set.

    That said, she hit some great notes, as usual did some new things with the melodies, and was warm and forceful.

    Sadly, the show was ruined for me because these people in front of me (even though they were nice) talked through "Soldier's Angel" and these other people behind me talked through THE WHOLE SHOW. I've been waiting to hear "Moonlight" and "For What It's Worth" live - I always get moved to tears by Stevie live it's such a release. Unfortunately, I couldn't vibe along to the music thanks to all these awful people. I'm in such a bad mood right now.

    Beyond all the loud talking, this might have been the best Stevie Nicks concert I've ever been to.

  2. Time to insert New Orleans into the set and remove Soldiers Angel or better yet, Love Is...
    West coast dates???

  3. If she wants representation from TISL in the st, it should be the title track. Great lyrics and a rockin catchy chorus and mystical overtones.
    Hello? Classic Stevie anyone?

  4. God, I love that top photo, it's awesome. It's also my new desktop pic.

  5. Poor Jeremy Goff, I truly feel his frustration. This is what we were talking about earlier people! GET A CLUE AND SHUT UP WHEN STEVIE'S SINGING.

  6. Oops Jeremy, I meant, "Gloff".

  7. Man, her concerts are the best and I've been to many different types. The energy is so strong and you have such a fabulous time. If you can afford it try to get front row to shake her hand. Unbelievable thrill.

  8. No Landslide or Leather & Lace, that is odd.

  9. Top picture is my new desktop pic! Those awesome boots! The butterfly shawl, the leaning pose..AWE! She looks amazing

  10. She did do "Landslide" at the show it was the 12th song :)

  11. Stevie is just lovely....

  12. About the song list...

    All I can say is shit, damn, bummer... WHERE THE HELL IS NEW ORLEANS?

    Okay. I can compose myself now.

  13. We were at the St Pete Florida show and Stevie was AWESOME! She was very talkative and shared stories about some of her songs. She really had a good time. The songs were fabulous and she sounded spot on ! Stevie is like a fine wine - gets better with time. We loved the show !!!

  14. Am I FIRST to notice?? The set list:
    ---...... 10. 11. 12, 13, 16 !!

    Whomever typed that would get a DUI if they counted from 1 to 16 that way! "But officer, 16 DOES follow 13!!"

    DRUNK ''set list typer rehab'' for someone!