Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video: Stevie Nicks Confirms She and Lindsey Buckingham Have Record New Fleetwood Mac Music

Fleetwood Mac is Back!

Check this out... Stevie on the black carpet interviewed during the Breaking Dawn Premiere... She talks all about Fleetwood Mac's new tour... The new music they've recorded and what we can expect in terms of shows and where they'll play.

I've transcribed basically everything she said, the video below is a bit weird:

Stevie Nicks:  "I was in the studio with Lindsey last week for 4 days we recorded 2 songs".  Stevie says they will probably throw those out about a month before they go on tour... They start rehearsals January 15th and should be on the road by the end of April, 2013.  

2013 will be the year of Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey wrote two beautiful songs that Stevie says she sang on... She said that we have a song from the Buckingham Nicks era that should have gone on that record but it was the 13th song so didn't make it, so they recorded that.  She says they might be doing those 3 songs - and for the tour she says they are really going to go through their catalogue and pull out some really neat stuff that they don't normally do on stage and make it a really different show from the 2003, 2004 and 2009 tours and make a real effort to make it a really special new show. 

When asked how many shows she believes they'll play... Stevie says there will probably be about 50 US shows and they always do about 17 shows in Australia and about 15 shows in Europe... So it's a big tour.. it's a big world tour.

Exciting news about new music... The tour was a given, but the flip flopping on whether they should put out some new music was getting confusing.


    I cant wait,
    I can't wait.

  2. If they're looking for ideas about "neat stuff" to play that they don't usually play:

    Seven Wonders
    Tango In the Night
    I Don't Want To Know
    Save Me a Place

    Fingers crossed :)

  3. I'm hoping they break out "Sisters Of The Moon" for this tour!


  5. Sooooooooooo happy they are doing new songs!! Love all the new stuff they have done including In Your Dreams, Seeds We Sow, and Say You Will. Although I have so many old favorites too!! They are so talented and creative I absolutely love that they are not just doing a Greatest Hits tour like most super stars. I Cant' Wait!!

  6. That's Allright
    Straight Back
    Seven Wonders
    Running Thru The Garden
    Destiny Rules
    Storms/beautiful child

  7. So happy that they're listening to their fans and crafting new music. They are both at such peak places in their creativity it just begs new music!!!

  8. Keep up this unprecedented pace and put out a new Fleetwood Mac album before the tour! Come on, Stevie! Everyone is ready...

  9. A new Fleetwood Mac album NOW? It would be the best thing EVER.

  10. They can pull this thing together in a month - just as they did the 1st Fleetwood Mac album! Keep going Lindsey and Stevie - and don't stop until it's finished. Stun the work - again - and go on tour with a new Fleetwood Mac record - done in record time.

  11. I would LOVE FM to do a song ft. Lana Del Rey!!! I know it's from left field, but Stevie and Lana are friends and to hear them sing together would get alot of the 'younger' crowd roaring!

  12. This is great news.. I KNEW Stevie would get on board and help make a new album as well!

    I'm hoping for Sisters of the Moon and maybe even Blue Letter.

  13. Wow, this really is great. New songs and a new set list for the tour. Wouldn't it be great if they actually got a song on the radio and had an Adult Contemporary hit. And as for some songs they haven't done, how about "I Don't Want To Know", "That's Alright", "Straight Back", "Thrown Down", "Fireflies", "Tango In The Night", "Everbody Finds Out", "Book Of Love" and so many more. This makes the new tour already exciting.

  14. I hope she means it when she says they're going to go through their catalogue and choose some rarely performed gems. I know our beloved Fleetwood Mac and they tend to stick with the tried-and-true hits, sprinkled with a FEW surprises.

    Some ideas for a setlist:
    Monday Morning (a nice opener)
    Big Love (full band)
    New Song by Lindsey
    Thrown Down
    Seven Wonders
    The Chain
    Go Insane
    Without You (new version)
    Bleed to Love Her
    Dreams (for some reason Stevie thinks she MUST ALWAYS do this song because it was their only number 1 single)
    I Don't Want to Know
    New Song
    Blue Letter
    Gypsy (acoustic version)
    Steal Your Heart Away
    Sisters of the Moon (although I fear that Stevie's voice couldn't handle the song now, unless they redid it somehow)
    Go Your Own Way

    Crystal (a duet between Stevie and Lindsey)

    Other ideas?

  15. John, I love your set list. I wanna go to that show.

  16. Awesome ideas, John. They used to open with MONDAY MORNING in the early years and 1980's LIVE opens with it. Love the SEVEN WONDERS idea - why they've shunned an actual uptempo Stevie hit for all this time is beyond me. Maybe she doesn't like singing it. It should be a fixture in their set. I remember hearing that she doesn't like singing SARA because she feels it doesn't translate well on stage - I disagree as I love the raw version from LIVE and it's such a signature tune which, like SEVEN, still gets massive airplay. Of course it's insane that GYPSY isn't a fixture as well - one of the band's and Stevie most popular all-time songs (that still also gets massive airplay). I agree that SISTERS probably won't work, but as someone else suggested, THAT'S ALRIGHT is a winner...

  17. I'd love to see Angel back in the set and that new song from the Buckingham Nicks era sound exciting~

  18. That is an awesome idea. Angel is such a great song and she used to have so much fun with it in the 80ies.

  19. Thrown down ,I don't want to know is a must!!those 2 songs never been done with fm thrown down the best song off syw.and I don't want to know is long long long over due. sisters of the moon how bout with out you, love that song.how bout (hold me)or think about me make it a tribute to Chris,family man,seven wonders is another song long over due. gypsy acoustic version like the Arizona benefit back in 2000. Bleed to love her my favorite LB song love the guitar work and the lyrics. encore How bout twisted lindsey and stevie version then good bye baby most important thing is lets all treasure the time we have with them all.Stevie Lindsey John a Mick and yes (Christine we miss you)thank u all for all the beautiful songs and memory's. I am choked up now!!

  20. Some great suggestions, here... but all I really want is Stevie to record She Still Loves Him while, at the same time, terrified the difference between the demo and a current version would kill me like Smile @ You and Planets of the Universe did-- the demos so very simple and gorgeous. That's my piece! Excited like the rest of you.

  21. Eddie and Eddie (at)thetwoeddies14 November 2012 at 22:22

    Would love to hear some rarely done live gems from the catalog...
    Straight Back
    Sisters of the Moon
    Everybody Finds Out
    Silver Girl

    Always exciting....Mac is back!

  22. I would like all new music album. I would like Southern California dateS. I'm heartbroken Stevie didn't make it back to Southern California this year.

  23. I sure hope they don't ''throw them out''- they should keep them! Release them, perform the new songs.
    SN- give LB 'What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You' to turn into 2013 Fleetwood Mac song, fast and fun for the stage. And it should be easy to update and improve.

    As for the tour, don't forget the partial version of 'Big Love' as a 2 minute lead in to 'Everybody Finds Out' in full, to the last ' don't you know,don't you know' then the finale of 'uh-uh-uh-uh' from 'Big Love'. It'll play, it 'will play' underlined. Helpful, as ever, here.

    You like telling people what to do, don't you? Tell LB the title song from 'Tango In The Night' is something fans want to hear.

    And DON'T throw out the new songs! We want to hear them, and not have to dig through garbage to find them after you throw them out!! Interesting she chose those words, 'throw them out'... ''Cut from the set'' sure, but ''throw them out?!'' Wink.

  24. I notice there's lots of chatter about EVERYBODY FINDS OUT - yes, a great song, but they cut it from the SAY YOU WILL set early in that tour. There's footage of Stevie singing it in rehearsal on DESTINY RULES. I think this is another song she didn't think worked on stage for reasons real or imagined. The studio version is killer - another neglected should-have-been hit. I do agree with someone else here that they really new a new A/C hit - shouldn't be too too difficult given their track record.

  25. Well lets remember that Stevie said they r rehearsing in January that's a long time for rehearsals between January and April so maybe lots of different songs this time and some new songs. Lets hope they r going to take a peak at the this webpage and get some ideas from their biggest fans. because these songs r some great ideas here.

  26. How did Stevie just spend four days in the studio with Lindsey when he is on tour?

  27. Yes - January to April IS a long time. Stevie is notorious for wanting to over-rehearse old songs - some that are nearly 40 years old! Madonna could cut a whole record in the window of time they have. Let's see how this plays out. Hopefully we get more than 3 or 4 new songs...

  28. while we r on tango in the night album if we want to here a beautiful song in concert maybe when I see you again.

  29. A real duet, with full call and response aspects are what a 2013 reworking of 'What Has Rock and Roll' can offer. One version:]

    Lindsey: "She was a self-made woman"
    Stevie: "He was a self-made man"
    Both: "Well, sometimes, baby, they even understand each other"
    Lindsey: "Baby, baby answer the question"- SN' next line..
    Chorus: sung by both alternating 'you too or everything'
    trade off near the end, "I'll meet you on the way back'' by one, ///"playback " by the other... or is it ''plane back"- 'play back'
    Stevie and Lindsey singing a song together is pretty rare, and the demo had so much potential- but with both their voices on it, it could be groundbreaking for them, as a record, to hear their 2 voices singing together and trading off on the lyrics, it just hasn't been done enough.
    Could make a great 'new song' for the band, and fun it would be for everyone to see it performed. It's a song ready to be sung by them both.
    Frothy? Not really. A chance for a ''Mac meets Motown Sound'' hit, and 'shippers' would swoon at S&L singing to each other, and together on it.

    Also could be interesting if Lindsey takes a verse of 'Dreams' and Stevie takes a verse on 'Go You Own Way'- other people's ideas here are so good. KAREN, print them out!

    For unusual nods to their solo careers, how about a mash up of 'Trouble' and 'Whole Lotta Trouble'- mostly using Lindsey's song, but when 'think i'm in trouble' SN comes in loud with 'WHOLE lotta trouble' then back to Lindsey's song, then near the end of it, 'you could be my prisoner, you're not living in the real world' and Lindsey back to the chorus, ''think i'm in trouble'' and SN back to 'whole lotta trouble, wlt, not guilty, have mercy, this could be a whole lotta trouble for you'...

    Yes, i think ''these two can really sing together" much, much more!

  30. My vote which they won't ever play is "No Questions Asked" and "Angel"