Thursday, February 14, 2013

One for the history books! Ex Fleetwood Mac Member Christine McVie Performs Live - 1st Time in 15 Years!

Well this hasn't happened in oh... 15 YEARS!!

Christine McVie Performing Live 
with The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band
Photo by Lisa Homer
Christine McVie, Rick Vito, Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler, Lenny Castellanos, Mark Johnstone
Photo by: Suzanne Kayian
It was 15 years ago this month that Christine McVie last performed live professionally in front of an audience when she appeared with her band Fleetwood Mac and accepted the "Outstanding Contribution To Music" award at the 1998 Brit Awards in London and closed out the show with "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop". (The band later appeared on a German TV program and performed Silver Springs, but we won't count that as they were lip-syncing). That was the last time we saw Christine on stage!

So fast forward 15 years later, while on vacation visiting with Mick on Maui, Christine joins Mick and his Blues Band at Castle Theater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center along with Rick Vito, Steven Tyler and Mark Johnstone.  Over the last few days there has been some buzz that this was going to happen, but you never really know for sure it's going to happen until it happens, especially with anything Fleetwood Mac related.  

I'm not sure what the set was, or what Christine played and sang, if it was just a few songs, one song or the full show... Obviously it was blues based.. But in any case it's so great to see her up there on stage... it's like the last 15 years have been wiped away.

Thanks to Suzanne Kayian and Lisa Homer for the pics!

Christine McVie's last appearance with Fleetwood Mac at The Brit Awards -  1998

"Don't Stop"
Christine Performing For The First Time Live in 15 Years!
NOW Could this PLEASE happen when FLEETWOOD MAC plays London this year!!!

Above Photos by: Matthew Thayer - View more on Facebook

Photo by Rick Vito


  1. So good to see Chriistine back where see belongs, on stage with a blues band. Mick just needs to twist her arm a little bit more and who knows what could happen...!!!

  2. She performed at The Dance in 1997...

  3. Wait, I thought you put 1988 not 1998, my apologies! :(

  4. YESSSS!!! Praying HARD she returns for some gigs with the Mac's upcomming tour! We LOVE YOU CHRISTINE!!! <3

  5. I realize it's still very early in Hawaii... but WAKE THE EFF UP and post some videos, goshdarnit! The suspense is killing me.

  6. Make that another YESSSS!!!

  7. come on! REALLY! no video thats A tease stop it where is the video!

  8. Still nothing. No videos. No audio. No clear pictures. Not even a recap. It's official: I hate all Hawaiians because they are LAME. I want to start a petition to have Hawaii officially severed from the union.

  9. It seems that she played Don't Stop!

  10. The wooing of Christine McVie. Let it be successful!

  11. I'm hoping that performing with Mick Fleetwood's Blues Band in Hawaii felt pretty good for Christine McVie and that she'll realize that the music was once her true passion and she'll take it to heart, and return to the Mac - at least for some new music and a few filmed mega-concerts for 2013... being that Fleetwood Mac originated from the UK, I think the London dates would be an exceptional place for Rock history to once again take place! : )

  12. Updated this post with the video.

  13. A 'One Night Only' show in London is probably the best we can hope for. Or maybe all of the UK dates. There are only a handful. It's just such a tease knowing she still looks and sounds THAT good.

    Maybe they can convince her to perform for the recording of a DVD: Rumours Live 35th Anniversary.

    If only............

  14. I love Christine, but I don't care to put any energy, thought, or discussion into the possibility of her returning to the stage. She walked away 15 years ago. As a songwriter, she relied on co-writers to do the heavy-lifting 1982's "Mirage." Robbie Patton wrote the original music track for "Hold Me," while keyboardist Eddy Quintela co-wrote "Little Lies," "Save Me," etc. and Jim Recor co-wrote "Love in Store." Todd Sharp co-wrote "Got a Hold on Me" and "Love Will Show Us How." There are quite a few songs on her two post Christine Perfect solo albums that she didn't write at all. She wrote "Everywhere" by herself, but, honey, that ain't rock and it sounds heinous live. It was all Buckingham/Dashut production sheen, just like "Hold Me." Sounds awful live because it's success as a single is entirely synthetic.

  15. do fleetwood mac relay need Christine back i think Buckingham,nicks do an amazing set when on tour
    seen them with and without Christine and i don't miss her in concert at all.