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Stevie Nicks leads Dave Grohl and the Sound City Players on ‘You Can’t Fix This,’ a song inspired by the death of the Fleetwood Mac singer’s godson. The group recently performed a slower, bluesier version of the track from the ‘Sound City’ soundtrack on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’ It’s best experienced live.

The studio version ultimately relies on Nicks, who is not quite the gifted vocalist she once was. Only when one knows the context in which she penned the lyrics is it effective. Lost in the studio mix is the swirling guitar licks that set the mood for this dark quasi-anti-drug message. “We were careful in our own way / We walk through the darkness / We made a pact not to dance with the devil / Even when the devil seemed to have a heart,” she sings before the first chorus.

That chorus is an unimpressive, slogging arrangement that fails to grab one’s attention. “You can’t fix this / You lost a friend / Hearts breaking / Right and left / Friendships break like glass / And the devil pours another glass,” Nicks sings. Later a pair of backing vocalists freshen-up the lyrics. It’s a necessary addition, as the finished cut comes in at a lumbering six minutes.

“We never allowed the devil to come to the party,” Nicks sings multiple times. Presumably the “devil” is the drugs, which she did let come to the party during points in her life. Her godson overdosed, and Nicks has talked about him before.

Lyrically, the message is meaningful but not brilliant prose. Clumsy rhymes aren’t softened by a magical arrangement of guitars and drums. Instead they’re left as the focus of a song that just sounds flat on the record. The slowed down live version they performed on late night television adds another dimension to the single, but ultimately it’s not going to be one fans remember forever.

by Billy Dukes

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  1. yeah, i'm trying really hard to love it's not happening.

  2. RonJeremyIsJustTooBig16 February 2013 at 14:32

    The music/production/instrumentation on this is really top notch but the lyrics are... not. It's like one cliche after the next, and I'd never guess that someone who's written such great tunes as Stevie could have come out with this.

    The vocals are also not that nice. Stevie had no problems turning out a healthy range on In Your Dreams, but on here she's using one note and one tone and it never shifts. It's very grating. It's not soft. It's not a "purr"... it's harsh and cold.

    I'm sure someone will reply cheerleading that Stevie doesn't use studio manipulation such as auto-tune bla bla bla, and all that other noise fueled by blind devotion, but in this case I wish she had. She can do so much better.

  3. I'm trying SO hard to love the song, but like the poster said above, it's not happening. It's just not a good song. The lyrics are just...meh. Too trite and detached. I realize it's a very dark and heavy song and perhaps she wanted to sound detached and heavy and cold in the song. You can definitely tell that this song doesn't have any of the filters and softening her voice went through on "IYD". Here, her voice sounds tired and actually quite damaged. Not something I would play for a first time listener.

  4. The vocal in this song is spectacular, especially the second half of the song and as it's going on.

    The production on this song is better than any of her studio albums since the mid-80s.

    The lyrics aren't great (quite the contrary actaually), so sadly they do bring the song down some. But overall I find it very enjoyable and the rest of it is so good that even the words started to grow on me.

  5. I hope the new FM songs sound much better lol. I definitely would prefer her voice to be a little "touched up" versus how she sounds in "You Can't Fix This." If you listen to the "Say you will" center channel mixes you will hear exactly how much her voice was autotuned for that album. "Silver Girl" and "Running through the garden" especially.

  6. This comment made me chuckle:

    " is so good that even the words started to grow on me".

  7. Absolutely LOVE this new gritty little rock song by the Foo Fighters' Ghrol & legendary Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Nicks. I have not gotten it outta my head since I caught it on Letterman. To the fracking superficial "trite" individuals who think rock songs about heroin are supposed to be "soft" and "purr" ... seriously??? What a JOKE! Listen to what you people are saying! You wish Nicks would've used "studio manipulation"??? or "auto-tune"??? Really!? So sad...perhaps the Billboard Pop charts are more your style? The song is intentionally "detached," "heavy" and "cold." People seem to be sadly missing the point of the whole "Sound City" message, they should really see the documentary. The song reflects and invokes exactly what it's supposed to... don't like it??? That's okay. There's no shortage of "manipulated" songs in the world for you to listen to... but, to each their own.

  8. I think I had heard Stevie refer to the reference of the devil as heroin, which even with all the drugs they allowed to the party, she and Mick said they would draw the line and not do heroin. Which I believe is what her godson overdosed on.

  9. I feel vindicated by this Ultimate Classic review. Every time one attempts to be honest in this forum, Stevie's Flying Monkeys attack. It's a lousy song.

  10. Stevie needs to write clear, imagistic, present-tense lyrics with a strong sense of melody, otherwise....this. Ick. Nearly as bad as DESERT ANGEL and JANE.

  11. RonJeremyIsJustTooBig16 February 2013 at 17:13

    To start, stop saying crap like "fracking". What are you, 12?

    I do wish SN has used something - anything - to fix this tune, as it's just terrible. Get over it. It's hollow, empty, void of any vocal emotion, and just plain boring. It's not a reflection of the song itself - which is also quite terrible - but of her vocal performance.

    If you have to tell yourself that she's singing this way because it's "detached," "heavy," "cold," or some other nonsense, then go ahead. You're wrong, but go ahead. It actually sounds that way because it's a poor performance with zero effort put in to it. The song may be about heroin but it should still be listenable and enjoyable. It's not. The tone is very much Stevie's going through the motions voice. She used it for everything on Say You Will - another terrible stinker. However she really put effort into In Your Dreams, and it shows. The album has some of the best vocals she's done since The Other Side Of The Mirror. Hold anything from IYD up next to this song and guess which one fades into the wallpaper?

    And for clarification, I did not say that the song should be "soft" or that it should "purr". Those are common excuses SN fans use to magic away the fear of admitting that something she's done is lame. Just like you yourself are doing with all your cheerleading.

    And as for your reference to the "Billboard Pop charts" which I suppose is meant as some form of insult? Perhaps I should check that out. At least you'll find people putting in effort to make the most of their crap songs...

    Hell, maybe Stevie could take note too, because as it stands there's definitely no way to fix this.

  12. ^^ GREAT post! Yes, the song is terrible. But I'm still promoting the hell out of it lol. Her vocals are so bad it's shocking.

  13. Wow, everybody’s a critic. Get over yourselves! The real “Flying Monkey's” here seem to be the one's coming out of “Ron Jeremy’s” hind-end as he spews out more “lousy” comments.

    …“Stevie needs” to do this, Stevie needs to do that, Stevie shouldn’t wear the sunglasses, Stevie needs to wear different clothes, Stevie’s vocals are terrible, Stevie should use ‘auto-tune,’ …‘studio manipulation’ … the superficial comments are really amazing! Don’t like it? Don’t listen. It’s that simple.

    “Ron Jeremy” -- seriously? ... You’re asking how old and mature others are??? …and you say certain others are just “wrong” about their opinion of the new song? Well, they don’t need “excuses” or “magic” to tell themselves anything about the song. They obviously like it, period. No need to explain themselves to you and no need for you to waste your lame dime-a-dozen ego-driven opinions trying to convince them otherwise – or anyone else who likes it. Despite your naïvely presumptuous – now bordering on obsessive – bullish attacks against Nick’s so-called ‘blindly devoted’ “cheerleading” fans, I have only recently become a Stevie Nicks fan and now I must say I really feel somewhat sorry for Ms. Nicks, as she has some – not all – of the most spiteful, opinionated, disrespectful fans I have ever encountered.

    It seems individuals try to be honest and give their opinion of the song as a new fan in this forum, and they get accused of being one of ‘Stevie's Flying Attack Monkeys’ …whatever that’s supposed to imply … I’ve never heard of “fans” turning on new comers just because they actually like a new song … bizarre.

    “Some form of insult” you say? … Read your posts, they’re full of insults directed at individuals, as well as Nicks herself, who happen to appreciate the new song.

  14. Yikes! I'm really surprised at the amount of hate for this song. I don't LOVE the song, but I do enjoy it. The music and production are top-notch, and Stevie does her best with her very limited range. The reality is that the days of beautiful Stevie vocals are over. Sure there will be times when she'll pull off a soft, intimate vocal in the studio, but it's no longer natural for her and she'll never be able to reproduce it live. Her "safe spot" now is this flat, nasally, monotonal place, and on stage she simply shouts her vocals. At 65, and after years of abuse and constant touring, she's harmed her voice, and I really believe that her vocal coach has actually done more harm than good. He seems to have convinced her to stick to a very limited selection of notes so that she "never has a bad night."

    Nonetheless, I still believe that any "bad" song by Stevie is still better than most of what I hear from many of the new female artists today.....

  15. I listened to the whole thing and I actually like it. Sure, it could be a little less "same-key" or "monotone", but it builds in intensity, and shows off some great vocals, in my opinion. I would actually choose this song over a few on In Your Dreams (Soldier's Angel, Cheaper Than Free). The world will never agree on everything, and because one or a few might not "get it" the way another might... does not warrant them an "bad guy''. Different strokes for different folks.

  16. Stevie Nicks is a Great Artist, Writer and Story Teller and everyone here knows that. She has the right to tell her Story in any way she wants, with any words she chooses and have it sound in a way that's pleasing to her. You don't have to like it. As long as she's happy with what she has Written and Recorded, as an Artist, at the end of the Day, that's all that matters. As a Writer and Musician myself, there are times day after day and hour after hour where you hear new words or a new tune over and over in your mind and it can be very consuming. They are a part of you, who you are, who you've been and who you want to be and so much more. You need to get them out or they will drive you a little crazy. Most Great Artist have suffered in some kind of way, so they Write about it. It's part of a Healing and Sharing Process. The Greatest Musical Artists have been some of the Greatest Story Tellers. You Can't Fix This may not have been told in a way that some of you wanted to hear it but it was Stevie's story to tell and I feel that like every other Song she has shared, that she told it Honestly and Performed it with an Energy and Passion that fits the Song. I like the Song. Songs are a Privileged glimpse in to a chapter of an Artist's life that most people would never get to know because they may never have a chance to meet them or become personal friends. I appreciate the Strength it took for her to share such a dark part of her life with the World. Don't forget that this Song, though Written by Stevie, was also a Collaboration and that lends a whole new Energy and Approach to Crafting a Song. If she had Recorded it with Fleetwood Mac or some other Musicians then you would have had a whole new Energy, Approach and Entity. Not necessarily better but just different. Just the Fact that Musicians are still getting together, being Social and Making Music is a Miracle this Day and Age with most People locked inside their Small Home Studios Recording everything in a Digital Realm, in the Box, by themselves, with everything so over-processed that it doesn't even sound real anymore. At least with Stevie, What You See and Hear is Always What You Get and because of that I'm actually going to go and download the song right now...

  17. ^^Great Post^^ I too agree with John above about the negative comments. I'm really surprised as well. ‘It is what it is’ and I for one do appreciate it. But the people who state the obvious in such negative, hateful ways, as a Rock & Roll woman in her 60s ages, is like yelling at your grandmother, “Why can’t you be young again!” Ridiculous! It just doesn't make any sense. Many fans seem to be holding on to some sort of ‘Mrs. Fantasy’ scenario where Nicks can magically sound and perform in her 60s they why should did in the 1970s. After the ‘rocked hard and put away wet’ lifestyle she endured over decades, I guess she’s fortunate she is still alive to sing about those days. Compared to newer female artists, I find Nicks unchangeably authentic, with a deep passion and a big heart for what she does. I respect her immensely, and she doesn't deserve the type of insults she receiving for her aging voice or this song. I really dig the song, the message, everything, and I accept it’s not everyone’s thing, without the need to bully anyone for their opposing view.

    People really do need to see the “Sound City” Documentary though (I believe it’s now On-Demand) and hear its message.

  18. Thanks, last poster! I didn't know Sound City was available On Demand. Cool!

  19. Ok so it's not her best vocal and yes, the lyrics are somewhat trite and redundant but hey, i am just thrilled that our Sevie is still relevant in today's culture and working with Grohl gives her even more mass appeal which at this point can't be a bad thing at 64...
    As some have mentioned and I agree, the production and players are top notch and while the melody itself isn't one of the greats I really enjoy the catchiness and over-all dark guitar-based energy of this song.

  20. I don't understand the hate for the vocals. She sounds fine, especially in comparison to TISL, TOSOTM, and Street Angel. The song is sort of catchy and the music is just great. I can listen to this over and over again because of the music and the harmonies.

    The reviewer thinks the music great, but the songs sucks. I fealt that way about Illume and Thrown Down. Great things are expected from her because of what she did over 30 years. She can't write that anymore.

    I'm betting though the some of the reviewers heroes are given the benefit of the doubt.

  21. I don't love it, but it will probably grow on me. The production is awesome, but she sounds flat throughout most of the tune. She can do better; the live version was great.

  22. Disappointment Has Become Her Middle Name16 February 2013 at 20:25


    Yes, everyone is a critic. Even you, yourself are a critic as you are doing what you are accusing everyone else who has said something negative here of as you are criticizing them for stating their opinions of this song. Their opinion differs from yours and that's apparently wrong for them to have their own thoughts and ideas. How dare they!

    You mention you are a new fan of Stevie Nicks. That tells me a lot. In no way am I faulting you for being a new fan because I'm truly happy you've found her music and are enjoying it. However, being someone who hasn't been with Stevie for the long haul as most of us have, you are at a disadvantage in knowing Stevie during the years when she was at the top of her game. When every single time she would sing, whether on the stage or in the studio, she gave 100% of herself. You are hearing the modern Stevie. The Stevie who damaged her own voice by her massive drug use. The Stevie who prefers to stay with the comfortable rather than taking any chances, even when encouraged to by her own band members and trusted friends. You are seeing the Stevie who rarely ever wears more than a couple of different outfits when she performs. It might sound overly critical of you that her "fans" are on here saying negative things about everything from her vocals to her clothes. As long-term fans, we know she is capable of more because we've seen, and heard, better from her in the past and recently.

    As someone who has been a Stevie Nicks fan for a very, very long time, more years than I care to think of, I have no illusions that we are working with the same woman who we all fell in love with when Fleetwood Mac or Rumours came out. I don't expect her to deliver the same kind of performances live or in the studio that she did 30 years ago as that is just impossible. However, I do expect that if she wants me to care about her and her music, she needs to do the same thing. And I don't get that from this song.

    Stevie's vocal performance on this song is truly uninspired, lackluster and dull. Especially when you go back through the incredible catalog of music she has released or even when standing this song up against unreleased music that was deemed not good enough to see the light of day. Her vocals could make you feel something. Not true for this song, live or studio.

    The lyrics are banal, at best. Stevie's "dance with the devil" lyric just makes me cringe. I find her being so hypocritical when she says she and her friends "never danced with the devil". I don't care what drug she thought the "devil" was, she "invited him to her party" every single time she did a line of coke or partook of any other drug that struck her fancy. None of her partying was "safe" simply because that is how she chooses to remember it when it benefits her.

    I used to be one of those Stevie Nicks fans that was thankful for anything she released simply because it was something from Stevie. Ninety-five percent of everything I've heard from Stevie (either solo or with Fleetwood Mac) since 2003 has been, to me, rubbish. I want Stevie to give me a good reason to remain a fan but when she puts out material like "You Can't Fix This", I'm finding it easier and easier to slowly pull away.

  23. RonJeremyIsJustTooBig16 February 2013 at 20:29

    ^^Please make up a name to use as it's difficult to know who's saying what and to who. I think you're posting over and over, but it's impossible to know for sure.

    Anyway, the point your missing here is that just because Stevie Nicks lived a "rocked hard and put away wet" lifestyle, is "still alive" and is "unchangeably authentic" is no reason to label a bad track a good one or a bad vocal performance a good one. If something is bad, or you just don't like it, we're not under contract to say we do. It's OK to actually hate a song by any artist you love. I think this is an absolute low point for Stevie. I think it sounds awful and the song itself is one of her worst written. It's not an insult to Stevie. It's just an opinion without sweetener. I won't act as if I'm being gifted with something amazing just because of Stevie's past glories, or because she's actually still alive. Do you see what I mean?

    If you actually like it, that's OK, but please, if some of us are the type of fans who want to actually discuss the failings or shortcomings of a song, don't label us drooling idiots who must therefore only be capable of enjoying the Billboard Top 40.

    You are a new fan as you have stated. I am not. I've been following this band and it's members for 20+ years. I feel no reason to sugarcoat my opinions.

    There's a trend in the SN community to praise and love and be enchanted by everything without fault. Once some straggler decides to be honest about what they really think, they're either treated like a complete moron, or labeled a non-fan. Neither of which are true.

    I feel honesty is more beneficial than to say everything is sweetness and candy-canes, when it is, in fact, just a sour gobstopper.

    You don't like some of the comments that were thrown your way in this discussion, but it's been you're inability to accept that we don't all agree with you that's fueled the fire. Why not just let myself and those who agree with me - that the song is weak - voice our thoughts and move on? You didn't even have to reply.

    There are a lot of people who have posted in this and the other posts about this song that have simply added their thoughts - many of which were positive - that didn't feel any need to jump on the negative commenters and come to SN defense. Why do you care so much if we/I don't like the song? I really don't care if you like it.

    Had you (and we know it was you) not started attacking with the "billboard" and "auto-tune" nonsense in that other thread from a few days back, the atmosphere would still be mostly peaceful here. If you pour gasoline on the fire, you're probably going to ge burned. Perhaps just letting others have their say, even if it doesn't agree with yours, is the best option for future.

  24. RonJeremyIsJustTooBig16 February 2013 at 20:32

    My last comment was obviously directed at the "Wow, everybody’s a critic" Anonymous

  25. Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one. But there are a few opinions on here that are particularly smelly.

  26. ^^You really should have a space in the Times with that sorta insight.

  27. In a way, the review is good, they are not giving her a pass for everything. It means they think she is still relevant and they expect more.

  28. ^^^^^^^YES! Someone finally gets it!

  29. Maybe people expect more because she wrote such good, strong songs that people could understand on In Your Dreams. Now she seems to have reverted back to this.

  30. Good point. This song certainly does not live up to "In Your Dreams." Those songs were polished, lively, and she sounded like she was having a great time on each and every one. "You Can't Fix This" sounds like it was rushed.

  31. It's definitely not a favourite of mine, and yes, her voice does sound a bit different from In Your Dreams, but I suspect she's singing a bit differently to accommodate male backing vocals (Grohl is heard singing along with her in some places). But then listen to the last half of the song - breathtaking!

    I'd also suggest that because it's a topic so close to her heart, she's singing in a way which represents how she feels - angry, sad, mad, broken. You can hear it in her voice, and you can feel it.

    As I said, it's not a favourite of mine. It certainly won't be played as much as songs from "In Your Dreams", but it's not as bad as some are making it out to be (in my opinion).

  32. Stevie's Flying Monkeys are the new Tolstoys and Henry James.' Sorry, guys but I've been a Stevie fans since about age 14 and I'm now 47. This is not a good Stevie song. I've been there all the way along the journey and this reminds me of the dark times Stevie's been through - not in terms of bad events, necessarily - but in terms of her being distracted or so out-of-it that you get a song like this. It sucks, Stevie. Where's the emotion, the melody, the hook? And to the brainwashed fans - Stevie's Monkeys - you're not doing Stevie any favors by telling her this terrible song and performance are great.

  33. So much negativity that I actually stopped reading the posts.

    I like the song; I like the lyrics; I like the message; I like the music; I like the musicians. Great song! I've already listened to it many times and am looking forward to many more listens.

  34. This song has no clarity, focus, through-line or melody. It's nothing one would ever hum. The lyrics are particularly awful - so bad they almost erase Stevie's hard-won reputation as a top-tier songwriter. The lyrics are embarrassing. Whatever Stevie's current problems, she needs to guard against a song this horrendous getting out. Defend it if you must, Flying Monkeys, but do yourself a favor and listen to Anne Sexton reading HER KIND. Toodles.."You know there IS a word to describe you ladies but it isn't used in high society...outside of a kennel! Goodbye ladies..."

  35. as far as her writing is concerned, she has admitted that she can't write songs like she did in the 1970s. Hopefylly she will record more of those gems and will cowrite with Dave more.

  36. I freakin' LOOOOOVE this song! I can't wait to download it and crank it on my car stereo. :-)))

  37. As a psychic/intuitive, I plainly see Stevie has a fear of being alone. Being alone served her well in her younger days, as she churned out one effortless masterpiece after another in the majesty of her her own solitude (Landslide, Rhiannon, Dreams). She hasn't had a moment alone since, lest using a bathroom (and even there she's received assistance). She needs to do a serious cleansing, get away from everyone and re-connect with her Higher Self. Being a Gemini sucks, only when you are sucked-in and sucked-out. She should face herself, face her fears, get over it, and get everyone out of her space. From there. Stevie will re-discover her musical and writing gifts... and none too soon.

  38. I like the song~ I don't love it though. I just like it slightly more than I dislike it. I enjoy the smoky vibe, and like the music more than the lyrics. That said- I very much appreciate the critical comments voiced here.

    I don't find them to be disrespectful, just honest. I am enjoying the opposing viewpoints and am glad to see those who dislike the song articulating the reasons why in such great detail.

  39. I find the psychic post really interesting. Just to add to that, I have a radio interview somewhere on cassette tape (with Jim Ladd maybe?) that she wrote Sara sitting on her bed at home "with lots of people around" and people were bringing her tea all night as she penned the lyrics to that masterpiece. So I think there are different ways to look at the alone thing. Interesting stuff.

  40. You can't fix this song.

    I hate it and I hate hating her songs. It's ironic that her biggest hits and greatest songs were written when she was dancing with the devil.

  41. WAAAA...WAAAAAA...WAAAAAAAA...I don't like the song...I don't like her dress...I don't like the lighting...I don't like the lyrics...she sounds soooo's not as good as IYD...she needs to wear other colors...OF COURSE it is OKAY to *not* like something Stevie does...I have been a fan since the FLEETWOOD MAC:Fleetwood Mac album...I don't like some of what Stevie puts out...but damn, some on here just beat her to flippin' death on every new appearance/song/interview, etc.....after all of the great stuff she has done over the DECADES, give her a little respect!!!.If she would have sang GDW she would have been roundly criticized for not doing a new song...I firmly believe that NO MATTER what she does the hatersdisguisedastruefans will always come out from under their rock and beat her to death...Not many other female rockers her age have had a recent album to debut in the top ten...have all the young musicians wanting to play live with them like Dave Grohl and the Sound City Players and Lady Antebellum...Of course every performance isn't gonna be everyone's cup of tea....Of Course Mama doesn't always wear the outfit that everyone is gonna love...Of course it is okay to say you don't like it..but it is also *okay* to say you like it...It is just as bad to call someone a winged monkey because they disagree with you and actually like the song...She is not gonna magically turn into 26 year old Stevie Nicks again....Get over it pleez!!! #Proudflyingmonkey!!!!!!!

  42. I really don't understand all the negativity, I think it's a great song, as simple as that.

  43. Not a bad song at all and I do like some of the lyrics and the powerful vocals at the end of the song. I am not understanding all the negativity either.

  44. Music is a very personal thing. Sometimes it draws you in and speaks to your senses...sometimes it doesn't. For whatever reason...You Can't Fix This just completely works for me. :-)

  45. @WAA...WAA...WAA...anonymous:

    "Mama"? Ok. Yep, that most certainly proves you're a card-carrying member of the Flying Monkeys. And probably the one that cleans up the rainbows Stevie's unicorn shits out at that.

    And, btw, respect is something that is EARNED, not given. When she puts out quality material, she most definitely gets the respect she deserves. When she puts out tripe like this, I'm certainly not going to give her something she doesn't deserve just because it's Stevie.

  46. "after all of the great stuff she has done over the DECADES, give her a little respect!!!"

    -Bases opinions on past glory rather than actual merit of new materail ✔

    "Of Course Mama doesn't always wear the outfit that everyone is gonna love"

    -Overly-familiar term used to describe Stevie ✔

    "I firmly believe that NO MATTER what she does the hatersdisguisedastruefans will always come out from under their rock and beat her to death"

    -Believes those who voice negative opinions aren't real fans. They're just haters pretending to be fans ✔

    Based on our survey we've concluded that you're definitely a blindly devoted Stevie Nicks Flying Monkey fan. Collect your membership card from the man at the back wearing the chiffon dress and alpaca wool shawl. See you at the next Night Of 1000 Stevies. Blue lamps, crystal balls, and caged doves sold on site.

  47. Wow! Get a life you freaks! Thank god Stevie hates the Internet because if she happened upon you ass holes it would probably break her heart. Get over your selves and let Stevie play it the way she feels it...

  48. When I came across this I read the comments first, before I listened to it.
    Hardly the nadir of her career ( see 90% of Street Angel, Somebody Stand By Me from Boys on the Side).
    This is not a pop/rock record. Look at the collaborators. Hard rock guys, most who have lost colleagues and friends to Heroin and other drug OD's. This is aimed at their audience. How many years did we hold our collective breath hoping not to read a tragic headline about Stevie?
    The vocals are raw and delivered plaintively and forcefully. This is not Gypsy my friends. Don't think Grohl and company would sign on for that.
    Tough subject matter, with an in your face delivery and driving guitars with sprinkles of Stevie imagery thrown in.
    All those involved know this world and its not pretty. I believe it's from the gut.

  49. ^^^More like from the gut-ter!

  50. It's kinda ironic that Stevie's probably enjoying her career and life more than ever before, and yet so many of her fans seem so unhappy and borderline miserable.

  51. @ Disappointment Has Become Her Middle Name

    I think you penned my own thoughts perfectly. Maybe a little harshly, but perfectly (is that considered an oxymoron?). "You Can't Fix This" is a very uninspirimg song, that lacks a melody or a chorus one can easily get into. However, I am still anticipating Stevie's next original release; solo song or full album.

  52. She not going to win a grammy with this song. but really never seen so much negitive reaction on this sight. Is it all nickki menard fans on stevies sight because if u r a stevie fans u need to look yourself in the mirror. true stevie fans are not this way to her. She not does not need to earn anymore respect her catology speaks for itself. enough said!!!

  53. @Brian

    "enough said!!!"

    Maybe if we knew what you were actually saying...

    What is a "nickki menard" ?

    Stop using silly internet text speak. It's annoying, juvenile, and difficult to read.

    And please, spare us the "true stevie fans are not this way to her" BS, too! What do you think, Stevie's a china doll that's sitting at home reading internet chatter and bawling her eyes out because she's so fragile? Grow up! Some of you people are so far up in the clouds about who Stevie Nicks is you've lost touch with reality.