Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stevie Nicks - Austin... #SXSW "In Your Dreams" Screening

 Stevie and the two Dave's

Above two photos by Bettie Cross

Photoc by TheCWAustin, Bettie Cross, chuchitaramirez, Camillionaireatx


  1. Stevie needs to hire a stylist - or buy some new black clothes. It looks like she only has two outfits lol

  2. Is there any question as to whether Stevie is loving the hell out of her life these past couple of years? She exudes blissfulness. :-)

  3. Love the picture of Stevie throwing her hands up in the air and yodeling or something. It's great to see her acting goofy and having fun!

  4. Stevie looks like she's high on life since In Your Dreams! It's great to see. I'm hoping some of this happy energy goes into the new Fleetwood Mac tour, and we get some old school fun and emotional performances from Stevie.

    Doesn't she look hot!?

  5. Now there she goes again...

    As with 2 other filmed/photographed IYD audience chats, Stevie will only be filmed from that left side of her face- if you attend one of the chats, do not sit to the right of her, she didn't turn her head once in NY and or even look at the sections of the audience that weren't to that angle. It's not a criticism, but it is true! What the heck is the matter with the right side of her face or jaw, she looks fine, looks lovely- but it is a very ''Mariah-esque'' trait she now has devloped! Don't believe it? Sit to the right of her, you'll have a stunning view of the back of her head like I did for nearly an hour at East Hampton. Swear that I am telling the truth, and this is a public service announcement, not snark. I like all of her angles.

  6. ^^that is SO true poster #5 (right above me).

    Regarding the hands in the air, I think Dave Grohl showed up at that very moment. GOD I love all three of them together.

  7. I'm #5, thanks for veryifing, #6.

    If there are 2 chairs set up on the stage, the interviewer sits in the left chair, audience view, Miss Nicks in the right chair. Do not sit to your right side of the right chair. I really want to be clear so you don't see faceless cascading blonde on sable- well- 'something' black down her back during your special event. Have fun! Connecticut anyone? Stamford and Avon are nowhere near each other- Stamford traffic is a bear- Avon seems too rustic and far away- oh wait, it's Stamford. Good luck during rush hours- 2'45pm to 8pm in CT!

  8. She's looking amazing. Not sure why she has the issue with her right side.. Odd. I remember seeing her on "The Doctors" asking a question about one of her eyes, which she said always seems to weep, giving the effect that she's crying. People always ask her about it and it bugs her. Perhaps that's the reason?

    As for the sunnies.. Funny how it makes her eyes look SO big! She's beautiful in every way, and this new happy and emotive Stevie is DEFINITELY doing it for me!