Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trailer: Stevie Nicks: Through The Looking Glass 2013 Movie

Stevie Nicks: Through The Looking Glass
For over four decades Stevie Nicks has been responsible for composing some of the best loved and most joyous contemporary songs ever written, as this documentary film recounts. Featuring rare footage, archive and new interviews, plus contributions from those who have worked closely with Stevie such as good friend Keith Olsen, Rumours producer Ken Caillat, and Rick Vito, this DVD will delight fans.

Not really sure what this is... But it might be interesting.
Available April 9, 2013 - AMAZON

The lady in the last half of this clip I believe is Ann Power who interviewed Stevie at SXSW.


  1. when they played crying in the night.it makes u want more.please release that buckingham nicks album next yr and have a tour with it!!!

  2. This looks really interesting! Keith Olsen has aged quite a bit since the last film clip I saw!