Friday, April 26, 2013

Mick Fleetwood Reveals Setlist Change For Euro Fleetwood Mac Shows

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  1. I am the person who heard the conversation with Lindsey Buckingham and his manager backstage at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago and posted what was said. And now Mick confirms two of those things. 1. There are four songs on the new EP and 2. Those large oval shaped lighting pieces hanging behind the stage weren't working and they have been eliminated, since they cost $50,000. a week. Some people I saw wrote comments doubting whether I was for real. I don't know how they thought I could have made up so much stuff that nobody has heard or printed. One person even said I ruined the meet and greets for everyone else. Well I have this to say: I was given a full access backstage pass, something that is not done without the band or tour manager being aware of. And also Lindsey was in the dining room backstage having dinner, someplace where there are lots of people and he was not wispering, he was speaking loud enough for others to hear him. He's been a rock star for 25 years and knows full well that if he wanted to keep his conversation private he could have had it in his dressing room where others don't have access. Perhaps you should revisit all the other things I said previously, as they all came out of Lindsey's mouth.

  2. I was at that show and man, they were having issues with them. My brother is a local crew member at another arena and I sent him what was happening and he described for me what the problem probably was and his opinion was to get rid of them lol.

  3. not sure why people wouldn't believe you, It's not like it's earth shattering news, they are getting rid of some lights and adding 1 song ("Oh Well") to the Euro Tour.

  4. I think what concerns me the most is the lack of promotion from iTunes. If the EP is coming out April 30th one would think there would be a pre-order. I searched iTunes and I could not find it. I read that this was to be "heavily promoted" by iTunes. To me heavy promotion should at least include a pre-order option, even if they don't publish a track listing.

  5. ^ ^ That's what I was thinking too. Although, promotion may start this weekend? It'll probably be $5.99 if there are only 4 songs on it. From what I gathered the tracklisting will be

    Sad Angel
    Miss Fantasy
    Without You
    An unidentified Lindsey song

    I wish Stevie had done just one new song for it, but we'll take what we can get.

  6. If this EP is semi-successful sales wise I think we could see one more EP release from the band this year. I'm sure Stevie has some outtakes or songs written during the IYD sessions that weren't used. I think that is more likely than the band recording an entire new album in 2014. Lindsey has a wife and children, John has a family and Mick has a restaurant. Recording a new album would likely mean a solid commitment to the band for all of 2014 and probably 2015 as well. I predict one more EP before year's end, the tour will end and the band will go their separate ways again. I could be wrong, but it's very likely. Stevie will then go and record her next solo record (whether it's the last one with her label or not).

  7. Glad to hear that Fleetwood Mac is adding OH WELL! I saw them at Madison Square Garden...loved the enregy, miss Christine VERY much. On the TANGO IN THE NIGHT TOUR, FM (with Vito and Burnette in place of Lindsey), they did a WONDERFUL combo of Peter Green';s LOVED ANOTHER WOMAN into Christine's BROWN EYES from TUSK. Just played the video release from the COW PALACE. Gives me chills... I had also HOPED that somehow FM would also do a Bob Welch song...perhaps SENTIMENTAL LADY or one of his songs from MYSTERY TO ME or HEROES ARE HARD TO FIND. Just a "wish list". glennfromthebronx