Monday, April 08, 2013

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Philadelphia 4/6/13 "Lindsey Buckingham still plays head-shakingly good guitar"

Fleetwood Mac in Philly: Good playing, songs and singing don't add up to great show
Posted by John J. Moser
Fleetwood Mac - Philadelphia April 6, 2013 - Photo by Brian Hineline

Fleetwood Mac’s show Saturday at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center had many of the ingredients that made the band such a force of nature in the 1970s, with nine Top 20 songs  and 28 million albums sold.

Lindsey Buckingham still plays head-shakingly good guitar – in fact, if anything, his playing was better than ever. Stevie Nicks still has a voice, and simply a presence, that invokes the emotions those songs carried.

And, of course, there are those songs themselves: Partially the soundtrack to the lives of many in the generally older, sold-out crowd.

But on Saturday, the parts of the 23-song, 140-minute show didn’t always add up to the whole you expect with Fleetwood Mac. And sometimes even the parts fell short of expectations.

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  1. amateurish review.
    reads like a high school newspaper.

  2. I agree with the first post - I mean, come on!

  3. This review makes absolutely no sense......They sang and played well, the songs were great, but ultimately the show was a disappointment....Huh? Ugh!

    I hate when critics feel the need to find SOMETHING wrong, so they make stuff up or invent some issue that wasn't a problem to begin with.....Why can't a good show just be a good show????

  4. Critics need to get a real job .

  5. Critics are usually frustrated artists who did not have the talent to make it, ask one if them to write a simple song or piece of music. So they try to make up for it by trashing real artists. So sad their pitifull little lives.

  6. I wish whoever runs this site would use a little more judgement before posting. Would be cool if the reviews only came from reputable publications/sites. This is crap. My 5th grade kid is a better writer.

  7. I think he makes a couple of notable points about the set list sequencing but other than that, come on. And Stand Back showing the band at their best..really? I really don't know what the critics want from this band. Do they want all the flash and half naked bodies dancing around to distract from lip syncing performers of today. A laser light show maybe would appease them? I thought there lighting and stage decor were great and complimentary to the music. I especially liked the video screen used toward the end of the set. The Mac are in their sixties now and still rock. I wonder how many of todays acts will be around for a 40+ year career in this industry and still be able to sell seats.

  8. Sometimes the truth hurts8 April 2013 at 23:38

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with this review. This reviewer did his job and did it well.

    What you all are seeming to overlook is that playing well and singing well and the show living up to any expectations are two entirely different things.

    The job of a reviewer is not to lavish praise upon a singer or band it is to report things AS THEY SEE AND HEAR IT. You are NOT guaranteed that a reviewer is a fan of any given artist or band. Thus, they WILL NOT be seeing that band or artist through the same eyes that their fans see them. Where fans tend to overlook their flaws because they don't really want to admit they have any, a reviewer who genuinely does his or her job does not. Reviewers present unbiased opinions which is something that most fans can, or will not, do regardless of how honest they say they are being. Sometimes, it is best for fans to step back, open their eyes and not be blinded by devotion.

    As someone who has been a fan for a very, very long time, no, Fleetwood Mac is not living up to their live expectations. I agree with the reviewer 100% on that. Just because they've thrown a song that fans have wanted to hear for a while now into the mix and added a couple of new things in (only one of which is really good) doesn't mean they are doing everything right. This is nothing more than a moldy oldies set with the band going out to flog the Rumours horse yet again. IMO, Stevie isn't delivering strong vocals like she used to. The setlist doesn't "flow" like it should. The band is off their game. These flaws, among many others, is exactly why this reviewer hit the nail on the head when he said the band is failing expectation.

    And something I have issue with: Sisters of the Moon was NOT performed live last in the late 1970's. It was performed in 1982 on the Mirage tour and quite infamously appears on the Mirage video. Apparently all the drugs Stevie did in the 80's made her forget that fact. She needs to update her after-Sisters speech a little bit. Clearly, this reviewer wasn't a blind fan or he would have caught Stevie's mistaken recollection there rather than using it as fact for his review.

  9. I attended the concert and other than saying it was AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL, I offer the following constructive critiques that I hope the band takes into consideration during the next shows:
    FIRST:The person at the soundboard needs to accentuate the singers voices more. The voices were kind of buried in the instruments. When you have such a beautiful voice as Stevie Nicks, it needs to be heard just as much as the guitar. Please run the sound board to accentuate the voices as much as the instruments. We love the voices as much as the guitar!

    SECOND:There were too many songs that you could not tell what they were playing until they were well into them - ESPECIALLY "Go Your Own Way."
    TAKE YOUR TIME during the INTRO to the song as much as you did when you did "THE DANCE."

  10. ^ Ok, please elaborate and provide how you would suggest the band to meet expectations. Expectations of whom: the casual concert goer, the diehard fan or just someone there for the heck of it. I mean besides the fact that they are not in their 20's what do you want them to do? Bore the crowd to death like the Eagles or act more like Madonna or Lady GAGA. Really, I'm not putting you down in any way and actually agree they are just warming up on this tour. I think Stevie should have had more R+R after IYD's tour and stop running around everywhere with Sound City Players. I do think the other 3 are actually on top of their game. The passion in Mick and Lindsey is undeniable. I was only at the first show thus far but found them to sound great and I enjoyed the set list and performance. Sure, I'd like to hear more Mirage stuff and Tango material but then someone elses expectations would be ruined, right? I've been to concerts with my kids; bieber, 1D etc...and honestly they don't even play instruments, yeah they may have a bit more on the theatrics, lighting and distractions but thats about it. I know Stevie doesn't move around as much these days but heck we all complained when she wore the frankenboks, now she is wearing the classic style platforms and some expect the dancing and kicks associated with the 81 HBO concert. She is a senior citizen for heavens sake. I also didn't hear one complaint after the show I went to. Most people were saying they still have it.
    Did they meet my expectation in Columbus? YES, but I do realize it is 2013 and not 1975-1982. Would I like to re visit that period? Hell YEAH!
    Things could always be better I assume and ticket prices could be alot cheaper but I'm happy the MAC is still around. I understand people want more, expect more and often can n ot be pleased. We are all entitled to our opinion. Only thing I would prefer is for them to play smaller venues as they do on their solo tours...maybe next time. Rock on!

  11. ^^Is your "senior citizen" argument that you keep flogging all over the site every time someone complains meant to be an excuse? If it is, it's a crap one.

    If we're at that stage in their career, making excuses for them for being too old, then they ARE too old and should retire.

    If they're going to keep doing this, then they will never get a break from me for being old. Ever. They choose to do it, so they better have what it takes to pull it off. If not then I'll be fog-horning it like a mother for all to hear! You can bet on that.

  12. I went to the show in Philly. They sounded great. Do they act and sound like they did in the 70's, no. They are are all older, and yes they slowed down alittle, but nt much. Go see them if you have the chance. You won't be disaapointed at all.