Thursday, May 23, 2013

REVIEW | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live in San Jose, CA 5/22

MAY 22, 2013

Stevie and Lindsey came out together walking very slowly. I was rather surprised by the pace. Luckily, it was not an accurate bellwether for the show’s true energy.

After “The Chain” Stevie said she was likely to get choked up tonight because San Jose is just coming home for them. This is where it all began. So, all she has to say is, “Let’s get this party started.”

After Dreams, Lindsey notes that you wouldn’t think there was another chapter to be written in the book of Fleetwood Mac, but there is.

Above Photos by C Flanigan and John Medina


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  1. Stevie is running in the shadows of her former self. An Icon to be sure, and a testament to never retiring.
    However, sometimes it's better to let the glory days live in the memories and the record grooves than to witness the decline of what was once a glorious voice and stage persona.
    Gold Dust Woman at San Jose was painful to hear. Stevie was barely To hit the notes and only then with long drawn out breaths that lacked tonal quality or a hint of her once signature vibrato.
    I realize it is admirable that she is still on the stage, given her many health issues recent and past, but nonetheless, slightly disheartening to watch night to night her decline played out in front of thousands of adoring fans.
    And yes, I am a fan. But an honest one.

  2. Stevie sang the wrong verse at the beginning of Dreams, but one would never know it. No one even flinched. I just don't understand why Stevie & Lindsey barely even glance at each other while singing. I loved how they would look at each other throughout the Dance concert DVD. I so do miss Christine's keyboards as well as the addition of her (third) voice. The sound was so much richer back then. I get the sense this line-up of Fleetwood Mac thinks they sound much better than they actually do.

  3. Ok we get it all you trolls (I'am a fan but an honest one) oook whatever you say (I guess we'll all just have to take your word for it)!!! I wasn't there, but I have heard recent recordings of it and seen a concert within the last 2 years and this recording sucks volume wise anyways so kinda hard to tell from that.I guess you were there so if that is how you feel then I can't argue with that, but judging from recent recordings etc. if it was as you say it was then it seems to be just be an off night!!!The part that makes me suspicious and think you are a Stevie hating troll is the fact that you took extra effort to bash her and leave the rest alone!!! I mean I am honest too and don't think she can do everything she could do a while back, but neither can Lindsey or Christine for that matter but I don't hear a word from you and others that like to single out Stevie only.All this still to me does not mean anyone should quit, because I along with lots of other "dishonest" fans still think they have stuff left in them including Stevie!!! Now as to the poster and posters that want Christine back, I think I can speak for most fans and say don't we all!!! I like lots of others however are realistic enough to understand that it is probably just not going to happen.So I try not to factor that into the equation, because it really doesn't do any good. Also I would add to the "honest fan" if you have witnessed her decline play out as you say, then why would you bother wasting your tome and money going to a show that you already knew was gonna suck??? If you did not go to the show and you are just basing off of some youtube videos, then I would submit that video for sure sucked (as I've said before compared to other ones I've seen and on here and the fairly recent show I went to). Think of this post as you will but it won't change this "dishonest fan's" mind
    one bit as I am sure this post won't change yours. I just had to say what I had to say!!!

  4. For what it is worth, I had friends attend last night and according to them.. Stevie was wonderful and sounded fantastic. They were slightly bored with all Lindsey's talking..wished Stevie had said more since she was funny and made them feel she was talking to them and not down to them like Lindsey...

  5. FWM are all over 60 and they have more energy than I do in my 40s. They were amazing last night. Stevie ROCKED Gold Dust Woman, Lindsey shredded on his guitar beautifully, Mick was pulsating a beat that put you on your feet, and as a bassist I was in love with John's riff for the Chain - as usual (even if he was hiding in the background). Over all this was my top 2 favorite concerts ever and it was worth only getting 4 hours of sleep. I too love hearing Stevie talk, she makes you feel like you are an old friend of hers.

  6. by the way - Stevie is such an inspiration at every age. She is an example of someone aging gracefully and we all are getting older together. You too will get old someday. I want to experience Stevie and FWM with their true talents as they shift and change. Age is just a number, I can see their essences. Anyone who was present last night could witness how entertaining they are by the constant roar from the crowd.

  7. Fantastic concert and I don't miss Christine. The music is still great. Many band members fall away or get replaced as time goes on. Especially older bands. The four members of Fleetwood Mac rock and sound to me as good as ever. In some ways even better and I find their admiration for one another very special and the fact they are back playing music for us, I couldn't be happier.

  8. I was there. Stevie sounded better than ever anad I have heard her live at least four times. They gave it their all and the crowd loved them loving us. It was special and the energy and music were unforgettable. Worth evey penny to be there Wednesday night.

  9. I was there and have to say they sounded better than ever. The band was tight, the vocals strong and the energy electric. Sure, Stevie can't hit the high notes she used to but at 65(Happy Birthday 5/26), her voice is still powerful and her harmonies are spot on.
    Even Barbara can't hit the high notes she once did. We all lose vocal range as we get older and Stevie is no exception but has adapted well.
    I have seen Stevie/Fleetwood Mac live almost 2 dozen times and this show ranks as one of the best.
    I took a friend who had never seen them live. He liked them but was not a huge fan. He was blown away and now has a new respect and love for Stevie and the band. He is still talking about it 3 days later.

    If anyone says Stevie needs to retire and the show was not good, they need to have their head examined and their ears checked.

    I will be going to the July 6th show in Sacramento. They were that good!!!

  10. I saw Stevie in Indio, Ca for her last IYD concert in March. She was flawless. Second row ( never been that close).
    Vocals were incredibly strong and she was hitting longer more extended notes than I've ever heard her sing. Her voice in the 70's and early 80's was like a beautiful wild horse--untamed and untrained. Capable of great beauty but not controllable, at least outside the it's like a professional show horse. Still beautiful but capable of doing much more and more safely I might add. No vocal chord issues, strained performances. Yes haters, she's still mortal and can get pneumonia ( how dare she) or hurt her knee on tour ( how inconsiderate was that? ).
    Did I mention gorgeous? Second row and she still blew me away.
    Goin to Vegas this weekend to see Mac on Sunday--her bday. 65? Easily knock 15-20 off that.

  11. i think the mac put on a legendary performance wed night...the shark tank was rockin...had 11th row seats on the l.b. side....their new material was especially strong....the best chemistry within the band since the dance of the 2 best concerts i have ever seen. i'm so afraid still the highlight of the night

  12. Although not at this show I was just at two others and Stevie was perfect. Really. Full of energy, happy and the voice was great. Maybe a voice changes in 40 years, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. The show had a polished look to it. I don't believe this first reviewer was at the show at all. I agree with a previous post also, why would you pay $$$ for something you were sure wouldn't be good.

  13. My daughter and I thought Stevie sounded great and several times turned to each other and said wow! she still sounds great live, there was a lot of emotion between them being back where they began in San Jose great show, we weren't disappointed.

  14. I was there, and except for the usual drum heavy arena mix, I thought the band sounded great. They poured out tons of energy and I thought Stevie's vox were amazing, although sometimes I had to really concentrate to hear stuff over the drum mix. And I thought Lindseys harmonies were mixed too high for hers. Seems to me whatever "power" in Stevies voice that may have diminished over the years, if that is the case, they coulda been brought up in the mix. It seems to me, every big concert I go to, that the drums are too dang loud, often bass too. Don't know whats up with sound people these days, but maybe its my ears, my high end may be compromised....but the band was effing great, and LIndsey's guitar playing was stellar. There were some great gems played that may not have been played had Christine been there, but I did miss her too. Would go again though!!!!! FWM Rocks!!!!!

  15. If you were in Section 102 or 101, the show was constantly interrupted by an usher named Dexter who apparently had never before attended a rock concert. What a dick! Spent the entire evening pacing up and down the stairs shining his flashlight like an overwrought cop at anyone who dared to stand up, light up or use a cell phone. The audience in those 2 sections finally had enough and stood up in unison, which drove Dexter back into the lobby where he was overheard telling other ushers that he had "lost control in there and needed help," a plea that was ignored by his colleagues. He needs to be fired.