Friday, October 11, 2013

Former Fleetwood Mac band member Christine McVie working on new solo album marking a return to her 70's sound.

Former Fleetwood Mac band member Christine McVie chooses
the Tracks of My Years
Monday 07 October 2013 09:30am to
Friday 11 October 2013 09:30am
BBC Radio 2 - Ken Bruce

This week, former Fleetwood Mac band member Christine McVie chooses the Tracks Of My Years and she opens with a classic Beach Boys song from their groundbreaking album Pet Sounds along with a Steely Dan track featured on their acclaimed long player Gaucho. Plus there's the Record and Album Of The Week and the Monday round of PopMaster. Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970 while married to founder member John McVie. She left the band in 1998 shortly after Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Christine is currently working on new solo material which is planned for a forthcoming album which she describes as marking a return to her musical sound from the seventies.

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Listen to each day's interview and track segment below after the jump... Christine on Friday October 11th describes how she's getting back to her music, writing, recording demos, working vocal muscles she hasn't used in a long while. Turns out completely abandoning music and moving back to England isn't exactly what she thought she wanted, but it took her a long time to realize it.  After a bit of therapy and analysis, she's back to enjoying the writing process and playing piano again... and what she's been working on sounds very commercial, and sounds very much like her Rumours days... She says she feels 20-30 years old. DON'T STOP Christine...

Check out each days interview clip below

Oct 7th's interview bit and track chosen:
She opens with a classic Beach Boys song from their groundbreaking album Pet Sounds along with a Steely Dan track featured on their acclaimed long player Gaucho.

Oct 8th's interview bit and track chosen:
Today features a Justin Hayward penned Moody Blues song that's featured on their 1988 album Sur La Mer along with a sixties Fleetwood Mac song written by vocalist and guitarist Peter Green.

October 9th's interview bit and track chosen:
Her midweek offerings include an eighties chart topper by David Bowie and produced by the great Nile Rodgers along with a signature song by Lady Day herself - the jazz legend Billie Holiday

October 10th's interview bit and track chosen:
Today she's chosen a pop inspired eighties hit by Prince & The Revolution alongside a track from her former Fleetwood bandmates Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, recorded as the duo Buckingham Nicks.
October 11th's interview bit and track chosen: 
Today, she picks a Deep Purple song that is widely recognised as having one of greatest guitar riffs ever along with a James Taylor track taken from his 1975 album Gorilla. There's a play of the Album Of The Week, the love song dedications and the Friday round of PopMaster. Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970 and left in1998 shortly after Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Christine is currently working on new material which is planned for a forthcoming solo album which she describes as marking a return to her musical sound from the seventies.


  1. You know it will be Perfect.

  2. Here's hoping she'll then contribute some of this material to Fleetwood Mac. If she does that, Stevie would surely come to the party - and as we all know, Stevie's the only one holding back a new Fleetwood Mac album

  3. Why does she need to give her material for her OWN project to Fleetwood Mac? I'd much rather have a solo Christine McVie record with NO Stevie and Lindsey than have another Fleetwood Mac record. Especially if the sort of material FM is going to churn out is like that awful EP they released a while back. Even Christine, as "Perfect" as she is couldn't have saved those tracks! Quite frankly, a new solo Christine record, that's something to look forward to in a BIG way!

    1. I love Christine and I'm very excited about this solo record. But Fleetwood Mac's latest EP is not awful! Sad Angel and Miss Fantasy are two of the best songs they've had in quite awhile. Without You is beautiful and simple. And It Take Time? Buckingham on piano instead of his guitar? Genius. I respect your opinion but I had to state mine too. I love the EP.

  4. Christine you're a star! Working on new material to give us more joy in our lives.

  5. "If a tree falls and know one hears it does it even fall"? Christine's new album will come and go with no notice and she will never get any airplay, that is unless she rejoined Fleetwood Mac and then she could actually have music that people paid attention to and possibly got on the radio. I love Christine, but she is recording for herself and nobody else.

  6. I don't think getting a hit album matters to Christine now, as long as she produced an album that she's artistically satisfied with AND her fans get to appreciate. She clearly has different priorities now than many years ago.

  7. I really loved, "In The Meantime," but thought it could have used a little more "mmmph" in it. Some of the middle songs really dragged. But "Calumny" and "You Are" were amazing.

    I can't wait to hear her new material!

  8. This is incredibly exciting news. Given the hullabaloo surrounding the recent Rumours reissue, her appearances with Fleetwood Mac, the geek-chic-hipster-renewed interest in FM and the re-entry of "Everywhere" on the UK singles chart, Christine is wise to strike while the iron is hot. Yes, ten years ago, her solo album came and went with barely a blip. But today, at 70 years of age, Christine is arguably more popular than ever. While a solo Christine album would probably die a quick death in the U.S., I could very well imagine her doing very, very well on the UK charts. I suspect that she has moved far beyond the idea stage. Clearly she has been actually recording since she already has concluded that the results are 70's-inspired. In fact, I'll bet she has been recording since even before her Maui gig.

  9. I also want to step in to defend the EP, which I really like. Obviously Lindsey wanted to give FM's new material a raw sound that suits the stripped down 4-piece band that FM now is. He also wanted to be more pop oriented to play to FM's strengths (hooks, harmonies, awesome bridges). He managed both goals very well. Sure, it's true that Stevie's limited presence was disappointing but there was an urgency to put out some new material on an artistic level. SAD ANGEL is particularly fantastic and WITHOUT YOU rings in my memory as well.

    As for Christine - now we know where things are headed. I'll buy whatever she puts out.

  10. Sad Angel was brilliant live! Uplifting and vibrant.

  11. I love Lindsey's solo work but the last FM E.P. sounded as if it was just that with Stevie doing backing vocals. I would welcome a FM album with Christine on it, or a solo one, the last 2 she did were awesome. I love em all!

  12. Great news. I hope she does return to some sound other than the sound from her last solo album.
    I thought it was so bland and a lazy effort from start to finish.
    Although it made sense to me given her lackluster performances on the Dance tour, I expected more from her. Hopefully she's energized again -- and maybe seeing her old pals on this tour (and in the last solo efforts from Nicks and Buckingham), she'll raise the bar a little.

  13. I would prefer to hear Christine record with Fleetwood Mac next year. However, I loved 'In the Meantime' and I'm sure whatever she puts out next will be amazing, especially if she returns to her '70s sound. There's no reason Christine can't do both, Fleetwood Mac and solo. Stevie's done it time and time again. Christine is a master songwriter.

  14. I think the EP sounded great too its Lindsey at his best Sad angel is awesome its so fleetwood macy and the guitar work is soooooo Lindsey. I think if Chris put it out with fm it would get heard a lot more than a solo project. When you are out of the lyme life for so long its hard to keep the average fan aboard. Yes she did In the meantime but one project in 10 yrs and no touring its hard to keep the fan base. So if the work was with fleetwood mac it would come to the for front alot better.

  15. I did not know she was friends with Justin Hayward, but that's great....I would love to hear them do a song or songs together!!

  16. The EP is great. I love the warm Mitchell Froom production - reminds me of some of the great Los Lobos albums.

    And it's nice to hear Christine's voice on this radio show...

  17. Just listened to today's interview segment. Great to hear that she is getting her mojo back!

  18. The poor reception of the EP trumps any opinion. If Fleetwood Mac is going to sound like this in further recordings they should never set foot in a studio again. Egos needs to be kept at bay and they need to bring in a producer with an ear for blending all the talent within the group together. No more solo songs smashed together, they need to sit in a room, write, play and harmonize together.