Wednesday, October 09, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven Premiere's tonight. Stevie Nicks music to be featured this season - Video

Ryan Murphy creator of the American Horror Story series speaks about this season's "Coven" saying this "we use a lot of Stevie Nicks music this year, so I called Stevie Nicks and asked if she wanted to be part of the show and she said sure I'd love to." She likely will be part of the show just on a musical level, but still, this is pretty cool and I loved the two seasons prior, so I'm looking forward to "Coven".  It premieres tonight October 9th on the FX channel. season is his favourite and among other things he says

The first indication that Stevie's music would be used in the series came mid-september when Ryan sent out a Tweet saying: "Thank you Ms. Stevie Nicks for letting us use your music in COVEN! You rock and I love you."

Update to this post: 8 Songs will apparently be used this season.  The Witch Misty Day is obsessed with Stevie Nicks.  She burned at the stake in Ep.1 but comes back to life. More HERE

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN tells the secret history of witches and witchcraft in America. Over three hundred years have passed since the turbulent days of Salem, and those who managed to escape are now facing extinction. Mysterious attacks have been escalating against their kind and young girls are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. Wrapped up in the turmoil is new arrival Zoe, who is harboring a terrifying secret of her own. Alarmed by the recent aggression, Fiona, the long-absent Supreme, sweeps back into town, determined to protect the Coven and hell-bent on decimating anyone who gets in her way.


  1. WOW! This is awesome news. Can't wait!

  2. if this new version of American horror story is like the first one,wow its so well done

  3. Personally can't stand Ryan Murphy and his crappy gay politically correct shows but this is no doubt good for Stevie. I thought she'd long ago retired the "witchy woman" thing because it's brought weirdos to her doorstep. but the penthouse must have iron bars, burly security guards and bulletproof glass.

    Stevie's witchiest songs:

    Gold Dust Woman
    Sisters of the Moon
    Bella Donna
    Kind of Woman
    How Still My Love
    The Highwayman
    Straight Back
    Wild Heart
    Gate and Garden
    Sable on Blonde
    Beauty and the Beast
    No Spoken Word
    Rooms on Fire
    Planets of the Universe
    Trouble in Shangri-La
    Annabelle Lee

  4. OMG!!! How could I have neglected to include the super-spooky, uber-witchy BLUE LAMP!!!

    Please don't revoke my Stevie card!!!!

  5. "Retired the witchy women thing"? Obviously anonymous has no clue. Stevie is Stevie, and her beliefs, style, and talent do not change like some fool's notion of what this year's fad and fashion are.

  6. Yes - "retired the witchy thing." Stevie herself said she purposely laid off it because it got dangerous (e.g. people committing suicide at her concerts; a man claiming her magical powers could "cure" him of homosexuality). Her latter albums aren't nearly as airy-fairy/witchy/mystical as the early ones - which may also be the result of being off drugs, clear-headed, grown-up and more analytical.

  7. If I didn't believe in ' Magick' as it were, I don't believe I would have been a fan of Ms. Nicks all of these years! I too read lots of Fairy Tales as a child..but lets face it, Stevie brings it to a whole new level. I do hate that Stevie had to tone it down somewhat, but the truth is, she was right to do so because there are those that tend to do evil things in this world....and she has been so mis-understood in years past!
    I was told not to celebrate my favorite holiday...Halloween's evil ! Well, I fell for that one year and I was so sad, because I missed seeing all those little childrens' smiles!

    How can bringing a smile to a childs face be evil ???
    Thank you Stevie for being who you are ....thanks for making me smile through the years!

  8. So sad she would partner with something so evil.

  9. several years ago Stevie made it very clear that the ' Witchy' image was her persona on stage, and nothing more than that...and she made her point by not wearing as much black for awhile , so It really is a disappointment to see her lend her songs out to this reaks of evil...nothing good about it...